Good Chinese smartphone cheap Chinese smartphone. Otherwise we all still would buy exclusively Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and other classics. Only here today the Chinese people “stood up”, has compared the prices with Samsung and is rapidly catching up to Apple. While there are still moments in which the Chinese technique lags behind the more famous competitors. At least for today.

In reply to your abuse in the comments (which I am sure will appear), I would say that almost for each item below, there are exceptions. But, as a rule, almost singular, and the Chinese smartphones that would be immediately denied all claims in the text below, no. That is, these exceptions are exactly what prove the rule.

Shooting video

Yes, who has what, and I’m back on the video. Unfortunately, although the Chinese make incredible progress in the field of photography (since Huawei P9, if you look for origins, and P20 Pro, if you count the starting point of the stage when the Chinese caught up with the iPhone and Samsung), the video remains almost unaddressed. In the last generation Huawei/Honor is better than it was (and it was all the horror, the horror), but still far from the three Apple/Samsung/LG. Closest to the “ideal” — Xiaomi, but there is a noticeable difference to the naked eye.

Moreover, one of the constant problems video from the Chinese — curve work stabilization. Even if there is a decent stabilizer, for video, for some reason he is not being used, or works so poorly that the video “floats”, or twitching.

Well, 4K is all the fear and pain. In most cases shooting at this resolution leads to a spread oversaturation of colors, and as an option — the constant twitching of the picture. But in specs you can write “shooting video up to 4K” — nice looks!

Exception: Huawei Mate 30 Pro with a separate camera for shooting video. But in some disciplines (4K 30 fps with stabilization, 1080p 60 fps with stabilization) Samsung, for example, is still to come.

The sound quality and stereo speakers

Of course, in the age of Bluetooth headphones quality sound chip of the smartphone is no longer a big deal, but some buyers still prefer to listen to music through the wire, even when connecting this wire to a USB-C or Lightning and not to the traditional 3.5 mm (which is now rarely seen).

So. Almost always, the Chinese don’t care about the quality of the DAC. At the same time, still not forgetting the presentations to talk about some incredible sound, which in fact is equal to the normal sound + EQ (primitive). The flagships of Samsung, Apple, Sony and LG with DAC still sound better.

Exception: ZTE Axon 7. Old and long discontinued the smartphone, but with the sound quality, which has only been in the Chinese mobile phones

And sadly, that “the Chinese” get rid of the stereo speakers. More precisely, the “rid” is a strong word. Stereo speakers were, we assume, has gone old flagship Meizu (15th, etc.) and have also rare in the sale of Huawei P20 Pro. Among reasonable in price aging flagship stereo speakers have only 20 Huawei Mate/Mate Pro 20, with a new flagship HaVaYaH speaker for hands-free calls have one and Xiaomi at any price this luxury at all not since the Xiaomi Mi 6 (2017). And in the flagship smartphones of Lenovo are not, and in Vivo, and in semi-Chinese Motorola (“daughter” Lenovo), and Nokia (“illegitimate daughter” of Foxconn).

Exception: OnePlus 7/7T and ZTE Axon 10 Pro — Chinese flagship 2019 model year with stereo speakers. There are today already almost gone.

Water resistance

You know, when the oldest manufacturers of smart phones there water protection class IP68? In 2013 it was Sony Xperia Z1. And in 2018, the resistance appeared in the Korean LG and Samsung cost 20-23 thousand rubles.

You know, when resistance appeared in “elite Chinese”? In 2018, in Huawei P20 Pro. And it was the water resistance IP67 (more gentle on the testing conditions), and IP68 wrapped only in 20 Mate Pro at the end of 2018 for 77 thousand at least. And that’s any version, because any ZTE, Xiaomi, Oppo and Honor to this day hands do not grow out of the place to make waterproof smartphones.

In General, water resistance, overall it is a funny situation. On the one hand, big brands (even Apple!) stable “complement” their products. With another — about her and no one says it like no one even cares.

That is, you might suppose that if so, it does not matter. But what if, in fact, to make the casing for IP68 and costs practically nothing, but the Chinese still do not?

Exception: Huawei P20 Pro (if you find). For 33-35 thousand is the most affordable Chinese smartphone with water resistance if do not take into account any basement stuff from lesser-known brands

The brightness of the screen

In General, the screens all Chinese people today decent. Brightness sufficient to color reproduction, most often, not reproach, but still…

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, can provide peak brightness up to 800 CD/m2! As and iPhone 11 Pro, for example. That is, even if you are in the plane will be forced to open the tonneau when there with all his strength shines the sun, or use a smartphone on the beach, you will be able to see the pictures and read the text. Detail level “after rain on Thursday”, which always comes in handy, but it is. And the Chinese — here’s a 630 CD/m2 in Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, here’s a 605 CD/m2 at Huawei P30 Pro, and that’s enough. The old models even though it was not: for example, in 2015, the flagship Huawei Mate 8 issued 470 CD/m2 brightness, manual, and in auto-mode, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in hand-squeezed 440 CD/m2, and in the car — 630 CD/m2. Yes there Samsung, when made to get off before the death of indianow Nokia Lumia 950 XL showed a screen 710 CD/m2!

In addition, the resolution above Full HD, the Chinese have also rare. It is clear that when the same LG’s QHD smartphone running out of battery for a half-day is not a business. But there are models where ultra-high resolution features, and autonomy not worse than the competitors.

Exception: Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Clear display Quad HD+ and not a record, but a good 660 CD/m2 with auto-brightness. Unfortunately, the new P30 and Pro Mate Pro 30 in terms of clarity of picture is degraded.

The prevalence of NFC
Why most budget models by Samsung and Sony (Galaxy J4+ or Xperia L2 for 10 thousand rubles) NFC module is, but Xiaomi and Meizu — no? Yes, the Chinese now gradually be corrected — for example, in fresh and cheap Motorola G7 Power NFC is already present, as in the low-cost ZTE Blade V10 Vita, but only in a maximum version with a 3/64 GB and so-so processor Unisoc on Board.

But still the NFC in the Chinese smartphones today are more often missing than present. But Samsung/LG and Sony this module is put in a very long time — In some Anivskom junk 2015 for 4500 rubles NFC is. And when we see in the Xiaomi Redmi 8A, 9A Redmi future or what else Chinese public sector with decent performance?

Of course, you now go to the Yandex Market, will put a tick will write in the comments what that is, Honor 8A for 7500 rubles gray in retail, and 9 thousand in the official, with NFC.

And you’re right. Only here it is leaving the conveyor model (8A Honor came in March, every six months, Huawei updates its state employees), while the new Huawei will be released without Google’s services (30 Mate Pro was the first sign). And Huawei itself against the fact that you have working Google Play and pay from a smartphone (Google Pay). This means that as long as Huawei does not agree with Russian banks that their cards can be used in Huawei Pay (it’s a Google Pay, but Huawei), cheap Huawei with NFC from the list of smartphones with the ability to pay at the box office can do. And how to know whether to run Google Pay for the already released Huawei smartphones with full Android after update Google services at all “not banned” smartphones.

Exception: V9 ZTE Blade 3/32 Vita. Cheap (from 7 thousand rubles), more or less contemporary Chinese smartphone with NFC and without any problems with Google services


Unfortunately, legislators of the design of Chinese smartphones has never been. Kind of feel bad. Can you name at least one Chinese smartphone a couple of years, which would be stolen design Samsung, LG, Sony or Apple?

While the crowd of monotonous Chinese devices in terms of externally allocated, except that, Huawei Mate 20 Pro with their “elektropechkoy” from cameras on the rear panel. Here take now this absolutely terrible module cameras the new iPhones looks so ridiculous, as far as possible. But little doubt that the Chinese will copy — just to be visually similar.

All the design experiments of the Chinese people over so so and is now limited to mostly lurid backdrops with the “3D texture”. On the other hand, look at Samsung and Sony — beautiful, original, without striving to do just “all” (Galaxy Note 10 although, in fairness, all “licked” the location of the cameras at Huawei P30, and then the iPhone X, if you look further into the story).

Exception: Oppo Reno (not like Samsung, Apple, etc., and its design has already been stolen for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8) and Huawei Mate 20 Pro (the original location of the cameras on the rear panel, which will be forced to learn from competitors). And truly original design 15 Meizu/Meizu 16, but this is a classic, and the new Meizu 16XS design already prolyubili.

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