Very little is left before the presentation of Apple, which will show the updated iPhone and other products of the company. In anticipation of the event, the journalists of the newspaper USA Today decided to conduct a survey among consumers to find out what is expected from users of the new Apple smartphones. The results of the study proved to be quite entertaining.

In total the survey was attended by about 1665. The study was conducted in the United States.

The vast majority, namely 75% of respondents hoped that Apple will install a new higher capacity battery. Despite the rapid development of technology, for a long time does not make any breakthroughs in the field of batteries. Though in most cases, the iPhone can provide Autonomous operation during the whole working day, this is still not enough.

The second expected innovation, according to consumer is an unbreakable screen. For this option voted about 66% of the respondents. Of course, this innovation would be very helpful — especially because the market already has smartphones with similar display — for example, Moto X Force.

Next in the list are options such as: memory card support (44%), the return of the headphone Jack (37%), replacement of the Lightning connector on the USB-C (29%), improvement of the system of facial recognition Face ID (19%). Remarkably, only about 10% of respondents do not want to see the product characteristic “hole” in the screen, which first appeared in the iPhone X.

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