Since the release of the first AirPods more than two years, and during that time the market has changed dramatically. On the eve of his spring presentation of Apple without warning “quietly” announced the second version of the headphones, which even the name remained the same — just AirPods, without any numbers and symbols news. Against this background Apple was waiting for something radically new, although global changes of the device too little time has passed. “” says, what is the difference AirPods 2 and what is the lifespan of these headphones.

After Apple almost every manufacturer has tried to make their own True Wireless in-ear headphones, but at first they all looked frankly pathetic. Even in the most expensive models had problems with the connection, Rossiniana and time. At the moment most of them are fixed, and these headphones are for any taste: Chinese clones AirPods for a penny, expensive clones like Huawei models, budget plugs from Xiaomi and even premium headphones from Bose, Bang & Olufsen and Louis Vuitton. In General, the market has blossomed, and now full AirPods, which appeared not so long ago. Therefore, it is more interesting to look at how Apple responded to these changing circumstances.

The main feature headphones from Apple was and still is the fact that they are part of the ecosystem. For the owner of Apple technology in principle, there is still no alternatives that can work within the system. However, the process of the first connection, switch between devices, management and small “features” like auto-detect ear mute the music, not perceived as some kind of miracle, because something like that is already almost everyone. Now the argument about the perceived strange and few people can surprise the beautiful animations and loudly slamming the lid of the case. Better to distract and first to talk about the backlog of questions to the first AirPods, for two years every day working 3-6 hours a day, because it’s easier to understand the second version.

First, the headphones are incredibly soiled body. White glossy case manages to get scratched in the first hours after the start of use, and after a few months of scratches will begin to emerge as patterns. The inner part of the case actively collects all the dust around, and it would be good periodically to clean them, as are headphones.

But the case is very durable. Despite all the falling and daily use, the caps didn’t even show up play, though on this account I was afraid. But no, this cover seems to survive just one generation of iPhone. The most radical decision in this regard would be to buy a cover on the case, but it even sounds weird.

Another question that arises in almost all, — that with the insulation. It simply does not, neither passive nor active. Therefore, in the subway or a noisy environment you have to twist the volume to maximum. But, first, it is harmful for hearing, and secondly, everything is beginning to listen to the same music as you. On the other hand, in a relaxed environment and at a medium volume to hear almost everything happening around, and the store can not even get AirPods from the ears, to speak with the seller. In any case, disputes on account of their design and planting in your ear makes little sense, because it all depends on your preference: some like, some don’t, that’s all.

Indignation about the lack of control buttons on the body of the AirPods, too, disappeared rather quickly. Headphones can respond to tapping on the body (just tap, not touch, nor the touch surface), and initially you can only summon Siri or make calls. With the firmware updates gave the ability to put a unique effect on each “ear”, like stop the music and rewind tracks.

The main issue AirPods were autonomy, and this was to be expected. After two years of active use, they do not live more than three hours on a single charge, instead of the declared five. Support batteries Apple call “consumable”, so the only solution in this situation is to appeal to the service, where each of headphone can replace a new one for 5-6 thousand rubles. Repair and replacement of the battery, they are not subject. This can be attributed to an asynchronous discharge of headphones during long-term use of one of them. That is, the battery capacity of both headphones paired remains about the same, just the system needs calibration — need some time to completely discharge and recharge the headphones.

The other catch is at the time of operation during a telephone conversation. Just out of the box AirPods in such a scenario could work for only 1.5 hours and even a half-hour conversation great headphones clamped. And it just seems that nothing serious in this, and nobody says as much on the phone, but one conversation with, for example, support of the Bank an hour long enough to wonder “whatever happened to the power?” The explanation for this anomaly is that during a call turns on a noise suppression system that is not working in normal use, but it is easier from this becomes.

And last but not least annoying: a lot of switching between devices. Moreover, between the smartphone and tablet AirPods switched almost instantaneously, whereas to connect to the computer had a minute to wait, and sometimes they just hung out.

Based on everything described, to improve really is that, but if you look realistically, not all of this list may be corrected. For example, the degradation of the battery, it is a problem plaguing all the gadgets since the emergence of lithium batteries, and the decisions here yet. The lack of sound insulation and design AirPods based on his vision of Apple and their idea of the perfect headphones and really there are many people who do not share these views.

Outwardly they do not differ and sound exactly the same. The only thing that has changed in AirPods — put a new processor Apple is H1 W1. Time of Autonomous work during a telephone conversation has increased by 50% to 2-2. 5 hours. Usual time of work hasn’t changed: five hours — they themselves headphone and 19 — in recharging in the case. And, as before, the 15-minute charging case will last for a couple of hours listening to music.

In the West consider the possibility of calling Siri voice. Before you had to knock on the headset, or call her from your phone. In Russia it’s not really changes the situation, because of Siri on the Russian language is still bad. Much more important is that with the new chip headphone faster connect and switch between devices. Enthusiasts have estimated that the connection to iPhone first AirPods takes about five seconds, and the second to three seconds. Switching between the smartphone and the computer is much faster and is the same as switching between iPhone and iPad. And the bonus: the time has decreased by 30 percent, although with the first AirPods not had any problems with rasanjana audio and video.

Even Apple lost the case with the wireless charging, which showed in 2017. Externally, it differs slightly from the original, but it already can be distinguished: led indicating the battery was moved to the front face, the connect button has moved slightly higher, and the hinge has become matte.

Nothing but support Qi, this case does not, and all the design changes, like making LEDs on the front panel, done more out of necessity. Otherwise how to understand that the headphones are charged, if it needs to remove them from the charger and open the lid? Charging in this scenario increases by about half: for example, from 0 to 50 percent case charged per hour, whereas in the wire it would have taken 40 minutes. It should be noted that this case works with any AirPods, so if you want it you can buy a headphone the first generation, or buy later for 2 AirPods.

Actually, this change over. 2 AirPods become faster, more Autonomous and more convenient, but this is a minor update with an eye on the user feedback of the first version. With their appearance the original AirPods remain relevant and not become worse. Just when choice you now need to consider whether all of these innovations, like calling Siri voice and the speed of switching between devices.

Speaking about the update, it is something like a transition from the first Apple Watch to Apple Watch Series 2, which is almost no different, but was slightly better in speed, increased screen brightness, and added GPS. It is obvious that in the presence of a normally running AirPods first generation to upgrade makes no sense. But for everyone else it’s a chance to save money because the stores sell the remains of the headphones at a reduced price.

AirPods not give some enjoyment and audiophile sound usually, but they still want to enjoy it every day because they are simply convenient. Overall, since the release of the first survey opinion on them has not changed, because these headphones never fail: they are reliable, compact, almost not felt when using and long time working. The problem for Apple is just that other companies have learned to do almost as much and sell to their counterparts much cheaper.

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