Collection of excellent headphones for every budget.

On 10 and 11 November will take place on AliExpress biggest sale of the year, which will drop hundreds of thousands of different goods. In this article, we traced the largest discounts to the most interesting and high-quality headphones on AliExpress and Tmall. There is even the original AirPods, which has fallen in price to a record low price!

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Shipping from Russia! AirPods

Price: 10 212 rubles.

This AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones in the world over the last two years. Unfortunately, in Russia AirPods due to the fall of the ruble has seriously risen in price — the price comes almost to 15 thousand rubles. But, fortunately, the sale AliExpress Tmall (shipping from Russia to five days) to buy AirPods can be really significant discount. Don’t miss a moment!

Shipping from Russia! JBL T450BT

Price: secret!

Full-size wireless headphones JBL. The model is extremely popular on Tmall due to its gorgeous sound, minimalistic design, convenient folding design and 11 hours of battery life.

Shipping from Russia! JBL T110BT

Price: secret!

And some cool wireless headphones from JBL, this time channel. Headphones support the technology JBL PureBass, which provides unmatched sound with powerful bass. The time of headphones work without charging is 6 hours.

HIT AliExpress! Baseus S10

Price: 1 395 rubles (normal price 1 885 rubles).

Baseus is a leading Chinese manufacturer of earphones. And most popular wireless headphones from Baseus for sale will be much cheaper. Baseus S10 differ from the majority of analogues in a truly high-quality sound comparable to the best headphone manufacturers. And if you listen to headphones every day for two hours, to charge need only once a week!

Anomoibuds Capsule

Price: 1 830 rubles (regular price 2 541 ruble).

Completely wireless headphones that can be an excellent replacement AirPods for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. This is a great headset with clear sound, long battery life, but the main thing — the correct and easy connection. The headphones are connected at the same time — you will not be such that the headphones are working asynchronously.

HIT AliExpress! Xiaomi Earphone

Price: 487 roubles (regular price 649 rubles).

Classic wired headphones Xiaomi, who, as always, are a real hit AliExpress. Chic, powerful sound, good build quality and availability in several colours make the headphones a smart choice for many.

M&J i7s

Price: 615 rubles (regular price 946 rubles).

But the option for those who want AirPods, but money to spend and no desire at all. Is a clone of the AirPods, which, of course, far from original Apple earbuds for all parameters. Sound from headphones is far from ideal, with connection will have to torment. However, for such little money headphones will be acceptable for many.

HIT AliExpress! Headphones Wavefun

Price: 911 roubles (regular price 1531 ruble).

A hit AliExpress — wireless headphones from Wavefun. Headphones are not only original to look at and very comfortable sit on the ear and have a great rich sound. In addition, the headphones are protected from ingress of water — they will be actively engaged in sports.

Moreblue M64

Price: 304 ruble (regular price 442 rubles).

Another high-quality wireless headphones that are in great demand on AliExpress. Despite the fact that the headphones are inexpensive, they offer loud and clear sound, music playback time of 2-3 hours and protect from the ingress of sweat.

HIT AliExpress! Bluedio TN

Price: 802 ruble (regular price 2 674 rubles).

Done headphones that fell within the sales almost doubled. It is extremely popular (more than 26 thousand orders) headphones from the same Bluedio. The headphones have an unusual design, sound quality and operation time without charging 12 (!) hours.


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