The development of search technologies

Voice search
Voice will become the main method of information input and output image — the concept of “Voice In/Image out”. At the same time will develop and voice output. Further development of the smart-column “Yandex. Station”, Amazon Echo, Google Home Apple HomePod and others.

Impact on advertisers
The trend will continue to the growth of digital audio. It is important to understand that this tool is very different from the classic advertisements for radio. In the case of digital audio there is the possibility of narrow targeting of advertising messages, which means that the roller better to do for different audiences.
With the development of technology, voice playback of advertisers don’t have to create the videos independently, and advertising will be embedded in the context.

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In the near future, I see this:
Okay Google, what’s the weather like for the weekend?
On Saturday 16 and all day rain with thunderstorm. Sunday plus eighteen, high clear and high probability of rain… In the “brand N” discounts on rubber boots for kids, delivery tomorrow, to order?
— No. And what is interesting in the poster?
— Perfect weather in Saint Petersburg — the sun and +25C plane tickets from 3 thousand rubles round trip. Got tickets to the concert “Leningrad”, open the app “M”?

Impact on Agency
Agencies will have to raise its expertise in multi— and omnichannel campaigns. To remain Agency, conventionally, only contextual ads or “set target” will be problematic. Grows as the number of tools and ad formats that work on different stages of communication with the consumer.

Mobile search and the growing number of the age of the audience in the mobile channel
Over the past 15 years, the global Internet audience has grown tenfold. However, the pattern of behavior, input data and search for new Internet users is changing. If 15 years ago they went online with the desktop, today users do so from mobile devices. We are talking about a very young audience — children and age audience. It is the second become the driving force in ecommerce, the consumption of paid content.

The impact on advertisers and agencies

You need to focus on the approach of mobile-first when developing interfaces for web sites and also take into account the peculiarities of navigation with older people and with children. Many developers today do not think about creating interfaces that are tailored to audience age, understanding of all elements of UI — and in fact the increase in the number of Internet users is due to the older generation.

The need to allocate budgets/individual approach to developing creatives for advertising campaigns on mobile devices.

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Gallery Ads for the First time on pages with Google search results appear graphic. The new format Gallery Ads will only appear on mobile devices in the top advertising positions and be of a slider of 4-8 images, designed as additional references.
For a number of sectors, such as HoReCa is the ideal format to show “delicious” pictures of the popular dishes in the restaurant or hotel.

App Deep Linking
Deep links in the Google Ads will allow you to send the user not only on the advertiser’s mobile site, but immediately to the correct page in the mobile app if it is installed on.
This is especially useful for ecommerce — according to Google, the conversion rate will increase twice.

Industry and industrial projects Google
One of the industrial projects Google has become — the service allows you to choose the best hotel to book the room, buy a ticket, you will offer a set of activities at the destination and keep it all in one place, creating a calendar of the trip. You can talk about trying to create a great competitor for the travel industry:, TripAdvisor, SkyScanner.
Much attention is paid to advertising tools for local businesses:

in stock at a specific store in the card in Google Maps;

label promotion (promoted pins) in Google Maps;

analysis of conversion in the form of phone calls/visits to stores.

Opportunities for advertisers and agencies
The development of geoinformation services and relevant advertising opportunities requires a specific approach in media planning and at the same time allows you to analyze the effectiveness of online to offline conversions.

Creativity and branding as a factor in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

About ten years ago with the development of search technologies for contextual advertising became the most effective tool to increase sales. The reason is simple — search advertising allows you to easily meet the existing demand for the products of the brand, bring traffic for thematic queries to the correct landing page.

Many, especially small and medium business, forgot about such things as creativity, brand values when you can find hundreds of keywords and write as many relevant ads.

Today, the auction for search (bids in the ad system) is overheated, and the current demand struggles so many advertisers that advertising ceased to be effective in ROMI metrics and LTV in many industries.
The market is cyclical — has become an important creative brand storytelling formed the brand value.

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The conference was a great case about the watch brand Shinola. From scratch formed clock factory opened, production in depressed Detroit, create jobs, focusing on made in America — presented a great story with traditional American values and promotional their advertising. The audience liked it, and the CTR and Conversion Rate was tens of percent higher than the average.

Impact on advertisers
Today, few find the right advertising tools and effectively tune targeting in advertising — it’s easy to do, so can many. You need to think about creativity — why the audience should believe in my product and I choose among the competitors.
Particularly relevant in the products of medium and high price category, as the history of the brand and its values is the added value that distinguishes the products from cheaper counterparts.

Impact on Agency
Many advertisers, especially small and medium businesses, it is difficult answers to the questions: what is your USP and differentiation from its competitors. Without answers it is impossible to conduct an effective advertising campaign.
So agencies need to pay more attention to marketing market research, competitor analysis, identifying needs of the audience — the set of services associated with market research, branding, formation of the creative concept, creation of promotional materials: video, audio, and others.

Discovery Ads Search advertising while slowly completes his rapid growth, and platforms are looking for new opportunities for growth in advertising revenue. Google announced a new ad format, Discovery Ads, which will appear in mid-2019.

The idea is not to offer the user what he was looking for or was looking for for the last 28 days, and offer something potentially interesting.

The format will be a text-graphic and is aimed at the upper stages of the funnel of communication with the consumer brand.

The impact on advertisers and agencies

It is necessary to allocate the budget for different stages of communication of the consumer with the brand at least on the formation of needs and awareness, as well as work with existing demand and retargeting. Individual planning for each stage of the funnel.

It is important to form different creatives and promotional messages in three stages of communication.

To pay more attention to the upper stages of the funnel, given the increase in competition and, as a consequence, the reduction ROMI on the lower stages of the funnel.

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality

Machine learning is a cross-cutting theme across the conference. The algorithms are getting better people to manage bids at auction, klasterizatsii target audience and to select for each group the optimal creative, independently generate advertising creatives that yesterday was gone most of the time specialists.
Call Google and trust the algorithms do what algorithms cannot yet do. What they can do or will learn in 2019:

Bid management for new strategies Maximize Conversion Value

Management strategy rates in the ad auction with the weight conversions. It will allow much easier to do optimization ROMI/LTV, not just CPA/CPL.

Smart Biddings

Management fees depending on the changing conditions, for example, raising rates on certain days (e.g. before the holidays, in the season of sales).
Experts need to focus on the insights. To understand what your audience responds to advertising, making our sale, due to some external conditions, which vary in their strategies competitors.

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Impact on Agency
I like to call Google, but for the Agency market, he carries some threats. Interfaces advertising systems become more complex every year, and management is required a great amount of knowledge and experience. However, due to the machine learning and automate the creation and optimization of advertising campaigns, the trend has changed, the interfaces are simplified.

Many advertisers will be able to run efficiently due to the automatically created ads and prepared performance-management strategies rates.

This trend will continue in the near future. Handmade on the side of the experts will be less. It is more important to solve high-level tasks that are beyond machine learning such as positioning, competitive detuning, creativity.

Omni Channel, Cross Device
Many agencies had asked to make a tool of media planning is not on channels, but on the objectives of the campaign. And, bingo, it will appear in the end of 2019. We will wait for inventory to become available in Russia.
App Deep Linking will make the bond between the visits/conversions on the website and actions inside mobile apps to track your performance. Will be available in search, display and shopping ads. Important and long-awaited innovation to simplify crossdevice analysts.

The impact on advertisers and agencies
In the field of ecommerce Analytics efficiency can be the same as for website promotion, and mobile apps with unified KPIs — that simplify Analytics for advertisers. For agencies required specialization becomes mobile Analytics.

The most boring topic of the whole conference, a consistent theme through almost every report.
The main message:

be careful to the handling of user data;

think about the privacy of users;

carefully handle 1st party data and check the sources you provided 3d party data;

again: in the processing of user data be attentive and careful — this is no joke.

Privacy has become the currency of the 21st century. There was a feeling that everything (including the conference venue — the democratic CA) worried about data, methods of collection, processing, possible manipulation with the data, but do not know what really to do.

The impact on advertisers and agencies
Major international advertisers will not send your data “into the hands” of the agencies and begin to implement their own platform for managing data and carrying out advertising campaigns on them.
For agencies is a new market with a highly demanded service. Preserving privacy is a great sales point in those countries and regions where you understand the meaning of the word or language is at least normal translation:)

For me as a representative of the Agency’s key conclusion from the conference was the trend bias added value of agencies from the setup/optimization advertising tools towards creativity/strategy.
It came out that in an “ideal world of the near future” ad platform will be free to choose all the key phrases, writing ads, shaping the mix, offer and test creatives, even the process of purchase of products will occur over the video in YouTube, without having to go to the advertiser’s website. The main thing is to set a budget and measurable goal.
What surprised and pleasantly pleased with the abundance of small and medium business in the video ads with interesting videos. Advertising want to watch, not skip.

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There is a difference in cultural codes — how far forward thinking marketers and as easy to talk about the brand’s philosophy and values their customers. In Russia it is a rarity.
Felt spiral dynamics of development of the advertising industry. For many years all the talk was about the measurement of outcomes, performance tracking, and optimization. Creative — nothing, mathematical optimization — all. Today all these tasks are passed to the algorithms and operations, this inventory available to all advertisers, and its application ceases to be competitive.

It turns out that manmade multiple creative can increase conversion, increase brand awareness and build loyal relationships with your audience.

P. S. I Express my gratitude to Google for the excellent organization of the event, the opportunity to network with colleagues in the market from other countries and agencies, and extracurricular activity.

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