At the time of his entering the mass market, the iPhone X could not boast of a flawless operating system regularly saw delays of the interface and other problems, which obviously should not be in the flagship for $ 999. However, this year the developers are still correct — showing iOS 12, which is designed to improve the performance of all compatible devices. That increase in speed is the place to be if you have iPhone X we have seen personally.

In order to achieve better user experience in iOS 12, Apple has decided a large number of problems. So what exactly was done?

  • The first and perhaps the most important for many point — productivity gains. Without going into technical details, you can now confidently claim that the iPhone X on iOS 12 works almost perfectly. Applications open instantly, the animation and scrolling through lists are processed without delay and with a high number of frames. What’s more, the operating system now there are virtually no visual bugs.
  • The face detection technology Face ID, which first debuted in the iPhone X will not differed at first, high speed. This is not surprising, given the complexity of both software and hardware. In the latest version of the operating system, Face ID received several improvements: first, the process of unlocking using face is noticeably faster. Second, the opportunity to re-launch a scan with the touch gesture if the first three attempts were unsuccessful. And finally, third, you can now add the face of a second person.
  • The iPhone X has also improved interaction with the multitasking panel. If earlier to close the app was to hold it for a while, until the appearance of the red icon, and then swipe up, now you can do it immediately — as it was originally on all other iPhone models.
  • Another problem that is often met iPhone X — create random screenshots. Now, if the display device is off, simultaneously press keys “Volume up” and “Awakening” will have no effect. The screen will be performed only in active mode.

And what innovation has been the most meaningful to you? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.


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