Recently, in the Altai region was initiated several cases on extremism against the users of social networks. One of the accused, Maria Matuska told that “Vkontakte” passes the investigation.

From the documents of the investigation that Maria has published in Twitter, you can understand that with the departure of Pavel Durov “Vkontakte” does not intend to comply with the users ‘ right to privacy and gives law enforcement officials almost any information about subscribers.

Some data can be obtained without a request. For example, it is easy to receive a direct link to own user page and find out the registration date of the profile, as well as the phone number and email address. Many people post contact information in the public domain.

Administration “Vkontakte” on request provides special services:

  • the list of IP addresses from which people turned to the page;
  • the date and time of activity;
  • the history of password change and name change of the owner of the profile;
  • details of all shifts linked phone number.

Most surprising is the fact that the social network will send information about such a seemingly not related to the investigation of events as:

  • the facts of contacting the support service;
  • the history of locks.

These, and possibly other data provided by the administration of “Vkontakte” at the official request of the investigating authorities immediately.


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