Korotkov model number of your iPad is very easy to get confused. Even if we ignore the really ancient devices, remains almost a dozen iPad different size, with different screen size, different power for different tasks.

A major update to the line at the end of the year made their adjustments, it’s time to see which models are worth buying and which to avoid.

Current models

iPad Pro 2018 (Review)

Really a top model with many new features and capabilities. Cool screen with minimal framework, a new port Type-C, the latest in accessories.

All this makes the professional model is interesting and attractive to buyers. Upsets, only the price of the tablet. The assurances of Apple, this iPad is more powerful than 92% of today’s laptops, well, because he is worth more than 92% of modern laptops.

If you complete all your work tasks will work on this tablet, then you can easily move to a new post-PC era. For the rest it’s just an expensive cool tablet Apple.

For whom: for those who can replace the laptop or just can’t afford to buy the iPad from $1000. This iPad will fit to replace any model from oldest to last year.

To buy: from 77 990 rubles.

Feasibility of purchase: 4+

iPad Pro 10.5″ (Review)

The model hyped and promoted in the past year, just turned into a pumpkin. Tablet of 2017 then it seemed that a technological peak, the founder of a new range of 10.5-inch tablets.

In fact, the only evolutionary innovation of this tablet is the display with twice the screen refresh rate. The rest now is a legacy device with legacy support accessories.

The price is only 10-15 thousand cheaper new model in 2018, but the number of chips in the last rolls. It is better to pay extra and use of the new technology, buying accessories for a few years.

For whom: you can take on the secondary market from those who decided to move to the next generation and gives last year’s device at a nice price. Updated on iPad Pro 10.5″ is better from any “non-professional” tablet to get a large amount of chips and innovations.

To buy: from 46 990 rubles.

The appropriateness of the purchase: 3
iPad 2018 (Review)

Great tablet at a nice price. You can find this iPad for 20 thousand that Apple technology today is very unusual. Yes, no updated display, multiple speakers and the most powerful processor, but for most tasks and content consumption, this tablet fits perfectly.

Don’t forget that he is also Apple Pencil first generation supports.

To use the device will work for watching videos, reading news, games, entertainment for children, addresses and even some work tasks.

For whom: for those who need to upgrade old iPad 2/3/4/Air.

To buy: from 24 990 rubles.

Feasibility of purchase: 5
iPad mini 4 (Review)

The last miniature tablet was released back in 2015. Since the device has not even received a minor update, from what the presence of the iPad 4 is the actual model number of Apple looks very strange.

Now such devices can compete with the iPhone Plus or Max, Apple understand this and just sell the old devices.

For whom: if you still have not bought an iPad mini 4, now it is just not worth it to do.

To buy: from 29 990 rubles.

Feasibility of purchase: 2
Discontinued model

iPad 2017 (Review)

Once the device is literally brought down the secondary tablet market, knocking the price tags from greedy dealers. At that time 23-25 thousand for the new iPad seemed to be something incredible.

A year later the model received a minor, but very significant update. Filling 2018 iPad better tablet and has learned to recognize branded stylus pen when the previous value.

Now to find one for sale new iPad 2017 is very difficult, and it is not necessary to do this. The difference with the current generation in a couple of thousand is not worth it.

For whom: it makes little sense to buy this device, please note the updated tablet.

Feasibility of purchase: 1
iPad Pro 12.9″

This device always seemed a little strange. Huge tablet the size of a small laptop outside and banal the iPhone inside.

Unfortunately, Apple did not want to come up with iPad Pro 12.9″ exclusive chips or modes of operation, stretching the interface on a large display.

It is better to carry the ultrabook and have a full working tool instead of a mobile OS on a large crane.

For whom: only for those who need a device to view video and content consumption, but 9.7 inches seems enough.

Feasibility of purchase: 2+

iPad Pro 9.7″ (Review)

Good Proshka in the classical case. Here screen with True Tone and a cool sound, and the filling level. There is even support Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

The device a direct competitor to last year’s iPad Pro 10.5″. The difference between the machines is minimal, but the price tag can differ almost twice.

For whom: for those who need to replace any old iPad, or go with the usual in Pro.

Feasibility of purchase: 4
iPad mini 3/iPad Air 2
Released in the fall of 2014, the tablet can now be considered the last more or less current generation, which should be considered when buying.

The device can be upgraded to iOS 12, have Touch ID and filling, which pulls the system and most applications. Software chips like Picture In Picture or SplitScreen work, too.

Such devices can be found on the secondary market and buy them, for example, as a reader of news for parents, video calls with grandparents or player cartoons for children.

For whom: for those who choose low-cost tablet on the secondary market.

Feasibility of purchase: 2
To consider older models makes no sense, even though they support the installation of 12 iOS (e.g. iPad Air or iPad Mini 2), but the difference in price from the models above will be minimal. While these devices have better performance and toppings.

Brief summary:

all models 2018 can be safely recommended for purchase, choose to fit your needs and budget;

iPad Pro 10.5″ — a controversial purchase: a powerful, fast, steep but worth only 10 thousand cheaper than a new;

iPad Mini 4 in the current line of Apple — a shame for the company, or it’s time to update it, or remove sales;

of the older models attention iPad Pro 9.7″ if you find in the secondary market at a nice price — buy;

do not take iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 and up, they have already served its purpose and will not give decent operating experience.

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