Earlier in the week, the Internet newspaper SNOW. TV reported that Apple plans to launch foldable smartphone. At this point the documents published by the patent and trademark office. Although the device itself will be presented not earlier than 2020, edition LetsGoDigital tried to predict what will be its design, based on the available data.

According to them, the new Apple will get the form factor “clamshell” and will be folded vertically. Brand cutout in the screen will sink into oblivion, with the borders and paddings will be minimal.

The smartphone will be folded in both directions, so you can use only a small part of the screen. By the way, about it: most likely it will be P-OLED display, that is, the matrix will combine the technology of organic diodes and a plastic substrate. This screen can bend and more resistant to drops than modern counterparts.

Since before the official announcement is still far away, you should not take this concept too seriously. However, the foldable smartphone will become a trend for the next few years, and certainly Apple will unveil such a device. Whether it’s an iPhone or a completely new line of smartphones, is still unknown.

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