Make no mistake in magazines the end of October alongside the new iPad Pro, Apple introduced a second version of the stylus Apple Pencil. We decided to compare the new product with the first generation of proprietary drawing tool and records. What is the difference Apple Pencil 1-2 version? Understand.

The design and dimensions

The first version, fully justifying its name, in its minimalist design similar to an ordinary pencil. Magnetic cap, limited metal ring, from a distance like the usual eraser.

The body of the second generation of the pencil have a face, through which remotely resembles a branded Bic pen. Looks interesting, and most importantly ergonomics Apple Pencil 2 above, the line allows for a finger when writing or drawing.

In addition, plastic device matte finish, it securely fits in the hand and does not slip. The first generation it is glossy, which adds points in terms of usability.

Finally, the face on the Apple Pencil 2 allows to fix it on a flat horizontal surface, the first generation tries to roll away.

The name of the first pencil the name marked on the metal ring. The second-generation of the inscription is made directly on the side face. No more additional elements on the housing. But if you order on the American version of the official website you can request engraving of your name. Free of charge.

With regards to dimensions, the situation is virtually unchanged. The length of a pencil the first generation 175,7 mm and the second diameter of 166 mm. the devices are the same — 8.9 mm.

Interface connections and charging the device

The first generation Apple Pencil unpleasantly surprised by way of charging marked directly on the box to the device. Engineers propose to connect the pencil to the iPad Pro via a connector that is under the cap. Outright nonsense.

Of course, included is an adapter (sounds funny), which somewhat improves the situation. But overall, the situation with charging the device looks very strange.

In the second generation of such “creativity” of designers and engineers has eliminated. Charging starts automatically as soon as the pencil is attracted to the right edge of the iPad Pro. Any connectors and adapters.

In addition, this method of attachment allows you to carry a pencil along with a tablet, not afraid to lose or break.

Pairing with the tablet is the same way. In the case of using the first version of Apple Pencil when you first start you must connect it to the iPad Pro.

Of the minuses I note that the lack of connectors in the Apple Pencil 2 eliminates the purchase option for the iPad Pro owners of the old generation. They just won’t charge the device. Also as a replacement Lightning port to USB-C on a new iPad Pro are deprived of the opportunity to charge in planeshete Apple Pencil 1.


Apple Pencil 2 is able to understand the different touch of the user. When drawing a double tap on the bottom (closer to the stylus) of the device changes the brush on the eraser. It is convenient. If desired, this setting can be replaced in a particular application to another activity.

Unfortunately, there is no setting for single or triple taps. You can only use double tap.

Tap a pencil on the iPad Pro new generation that are in sleep mode, automatically opens the memo window. Logical and convenient feature that simplifies interaction with the tablet. Work with the device you can start with one touch.

The rest of the Apple 2 Pencil writes and draws just like the first generation of the pencil.

The first generation of the above functions is not.

The delivery and price

In the box Apple first generation Pencil in addition to pencil lie Lightning adapter and extra tip. In the case of purchase of new items the buyer will receive only the pencil. No additional “buns” are not included.

The cost of the first generation Apple Pencil is 8 490 rubles, the second generation will cost 10 790 RUB. the Difference is 2 300 rubles.

With the improvements in terms of ease of use, the change is justified. For true fans draw comfort, of course.

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