Tonight Apple will present new iPhone. Either the company is carefully prepared surprises, or presentation will be boring even in these times.

In recent years, you have to grumble that every new generation of smartphones is almost no different from the past, and they are sometimes more expensive than predecessors. Grow CPU frequency, screen area, number of sensors in the camera, but the smartphone remains the smartphone. Because of this, sales are falling, and the demand for expensive models is shrinking faster than all: why pay more for a barely noticeable change?

However, these details have accumulated a lot — just look at the list of what is rumored to not be in the new iPhone:

  • Support 5G mobile networks to transfer data at a high bandwidth with minimum delays (in Russia such devices are still a long time do not need).
  • ToF-sensor so the camera can measure the distance to objects in the scene and did more high-quality images, and augmented reality work better.
  • Screen without the “bangs” of sensors, which hurts the eyes, no matter what anyone said.
  • Screen with high refresh rate, so that the image in games and sometimes in the video look smoother.
  • Bending of the screen to… to tell you the truth, what is the use of such screens is still not clear, but they look impressive.
  • The fingerprint scanner in the screen to make it easy to unlock the device (and inconvenient to repair it).
  • Of USB type-C to use a single universal cable for all devices.

  • Relatively cheap, not to pay for minor features.

According to rumors, all or almost all of it will appear in the iPhone either in 2020 or in 2021, and simplified device like iPhone SE can go in the first half of next year. At this time, if you believe the leaks, Apple has prepared three models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro iPhone Max. The first will be to replace the iPhone XR (apparently the letter R is removed, the device did not seem flawed), the other two analogs iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in last year’s lineup.

What they say about them:

Front vehicles will be virtually indistinguishable from its predecessors, and they, in turn, from iPhone X 2017. Diagonal screens will remain the same: iPhone-11 — 6.1 inches, the iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 inches, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.5 inches. The back cover will make a matte (maybe not with all colors) to less dirty, improve protection from water. The younger model will be a version with a green body.

The Junior model will again be equipped with a LCD screen, and the rest — OLED displays, which are considered to be of higher quality. However, the LCD matrix XR in last year’s iPhone was good enough not to think about the alternatives.

In all three iPhone added one sensor in the rear camera. In iPhone 11 there will be two: normal and telephoto with twice the optical zoom. In iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max — three: the same as in a younger model, and the sensor with ultra-wide angle lens to frame fit more space. The camera is located on the square hill, reminiscent of the bunker in the Smolensk region.

All three models will work on the new A13 processor, faster and consume less energy. RAM will be more: iPhone 11 — 4GB, the rest is 6 GB. In the new iPhone tests show results roughly on par with the latest flagships on Android.

In iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will appear to reverse the charge to fuel without cable other devices, for example, the updated headphones AirPods. The battery capacity increases: somewhere — just a little bit, but somewhere noticeable.

Apple removed the control system of 3D Touch when depending on the pressing force are performed in different steps. Instead, all models will be Haptic Touch system like the iPhone XR: the action depends on the duration of pressing on the screen.

The Face ID system will improve so that the face will be recognized, even if not to look directly at the screen.

The price of the iPhone 11 will start at $749, the iPhone 11 Pro from $999, iPhone 11 Pro Max — c $1099. The same first cost last year’s model, in Russia they were sold, respectively, for 65 thousand rubles., 88 thousand RUB, thousand RUB 97 As always, the more the memory the more expensive.

In addition, Apple is preparing a new iPad Pro with screen sizes 11 and 12.9 inches, enhanced cameras and new processors and cheap 10.2 inch tablet PC; 16-inch laptop MacBook Pro; watch Watch with ceramic and titanium hulls (about other significant innovations do not hear anything); AirPods headphones with moisture protection, active noise reduction, and biometric sensors; a cheaper model smart column HomePod. It is possible that some of this would also show the presentation on September 10.

If information from a leak is confirmed at the presentation, it turns out that Apple is only slightly modified from the previous generation iPhone, with an emphasis on camera performance. Previously, it would correspond to the second phase of the biennial cycle, when entering the apparatus with the index S. only these models appeared in 2018 and, in turn, differed from the pozaproshlogodnie iPhone X.

The demand for the new iPhones has naturally decreased (see the dark column on the first chart), but not as catastrophic, if not to compare with the year of release of the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X, and with earlier periods. In addition, note that the demand for smartphones in General has fallen for the second year in the world.

However, in the last quarter happened symbolic event: the share of smartphones in revenue Apple made up less than half (see second chart) — this never happened almost eight years. The business media were quick to proclaim that Apple is now ayfona company.

Revenue in all other categories actually increased: even seemingly very few people want tablets for the first three quarters brought Apple more than the year before. But the iPhone remains the core business of Apple, and an interesting novelty is able to increase its share of smartphones in the company’s income. Except, apparently, they will have to wait at least another year.

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