The next presentation of Apple, which will showcase new iPhone models, will take place in a couple of months and the Internet is filled a large number of rumors and speculations about what to expect from the event. What irritates even the most loyal iPhone users and will anything change after the September presentation in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

Before the presentation of the new iPhone has about 50 days, and the official price of iPhone X remains at 92 thousand RUB over the 256 Gigabyte version. It would seem that the smartphone for the money have to be perfect. But, as they say in such cases is not so clear. We have decided to recall all enraged and continues to enrage Apple-perfectionists.

Oddly enough, but the number of users who criticize the most famous smartphone in the world than there could be. For example, a simple query in Google “i hate iPhone” gives 128 million results. However, Android fans may not have much to celebrate. Search query “i hate Android” gives more — 164 million links waterskii publication.

Of course, a number of critics — is the flip side of popularity, but in the history of the iPhone there were a few moments when criticism is another new model from the background has become newsworthy and got into the news trends.

Some time after the release of iPhone 4 users have noticed that if you hold the gadget in his left hand, he sometimes lost the mobile signal. This was due to the fact that element of the antenna of the iPhone 4 served as the metal frame of the device and, with a certain grip with the left hand, palm interfered with the radio reception.

There was even a special term for this problem is “death grip”. Come down to the fact that responded by Steve jobs, advised users to hold the smartphone.

This caused a barrage of sarcastic comment in the media and social networks. Angry users asking Apple to release the company official game guide — how to go with iPhone 4 how to speak, how to carry in your pocket and how to push the buttons?

The company began handing out free iPhone 4 cases had this problem, and then Apple changed the antenna design iPhone 4.

Another big story happened in 2014. Then almost immediately after launch Phone 6 Plus appeared first complaints from users on the lack of strength of the body of the new phone when carrying in your back pocket. The network began to upload photos and videos bent smartphone. The virus became many new faces this topic.

As stated by the publication Motherboard, internal tests Apple confirmed that the new Phone 6 Plus “bends” is better than the previous model.

In the Apple there is a problem denied, saying that the strength of the hull is sufficient for normal use, but nevertheless in the next version for the casing began to use a more durable alloy — 7000 series aluminum.

Sometimes it seems that the engineers and managers of Apple have become hostages of their own greatness. Indeed, two SIM cards are not for everyone, but for many users this feature is relevant — we are talking about the separation of work and personal phone numbers, on the price of roaming services and the forced change of operator during travel. The reason Apple still has not made dual-SIM phone, not amenable to rational explanation.

Users of social networks already 10 years, wonder why the dual SIM slot is, in any cheap Chinese smartphone, but it is not even expensive iPhone X? Some meaningful answer to this question, owners of iPhones and have not received.

The lack of microSD support is generally chthonic horror in the era of “heavy” content. Recall that X iPhone is sold with 64 GB or 256 GB of memory. Thus, even 64 GB is extremely small, and the difference in price between the versions of 64 GB and 256 GB is 12 thousand RUB.

The lack of a standard audio connector — conceptual solution of the company. Maybe the guys from Apple are right, and audio is obsolete, but still he was very comfortable and brand adapter for the classic wired headphone is lost too easily and at the most inopportune moment. Recall that Apple refused to headphone out in 2016, but almost two years later, even among the most dedicated Apple fans are unhappy with this decision.

Byword was the cutout at the top of the screen, or “unibrow”. Of course, it makes no sense to assert that “if Steve Jobs was not like this,” and hand-wringing. First, the module TrueDepth that is responsible for unlocking by face (Face ID), it was necessary to place somewhere.

In the end, if this decision was so bad, it wouldn’t massively copy manufacturers of Android-based smartphones. But let’s be honest — it looks pretty ugly neckline.

Moreover, the Chinese Android vendors came up with an ingenious solution. Space to the right and left of the front camera module in the smartphone “painted” in black background. Usable screen space is not reduced, and all the information symbols become visible even better. Why Apple has not implemented the same feature in iOS, it is not clear.

iPhone X supports fast charging, but the USB-C cable — Lightning cable must be purchased separately. It’s still 7 thousand rubles in the official Apple store. This situation can not be upset man, it’s already paid for the smartphone is almost a hundred thousand.

With regard to liquidated X iPhone fingerprint scanner, iPhone users already have nostalgia on it. Apple’s decision to finally bury the scanner is also causing issues for owners of Apple. In some cases, it is more convenient to unlock the phone by touch, for example, the driver in the car. And then the scanner was much easier Face ID, talking about user comments related to the IPhone X.

Ideally, I would like to have both. Moreover, more recently, fanaty relied on built right into the screen of the ultrasonic scanner, but alas, it never happened.

The iOS operating system recently gives too many bugs that are impossible to ignore. The new version of the OS will be shared very soon, but in the meantime you can discuss what features in iOS annoying iPhone users the most.

First, the process of creating folders in iOS. Filling of documents and media content has always impressed its uncomfortable and sloppy compared to Android and Windows, where this option is available in basic file Manager.

All who use not only Apple products, note that file transfer over Wi-Fi and Bluetoooth outside the Apple ecosystem is quite an intricate process that requires dancing with a tambourine and install third-party applications. Yes, now in iOS there was a program Files, but it doesn’t nearly match its functionality with the file managers in Windows or Android.

A little bit about personal ringtones. In order to set your favorite ringtone, iPhone users have to install iTunes. Moreover, for the organization of the music library from third party sources, again you have to use iTunes in conjunction with your PC or Mac, which is incredibly annoying.

Now, will Apple fans happiness in September 2018, when the world will introduce new iPhones.

Most likely, this year will present three smartphone, in favor of this say several leaks. The main Apple insider and a former analyst of the company KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo released a study regarding Apple’s plans in 2018. Another, widely known in narrow circles of Apple-an insider letter to employees posted on the Internet your videos with three new iPhone models.

Manufacturer of accessories Sanfeng “shared” with the GizChina photos of the new “budget” version of the iPhone, a resource Slashleaks posted a photo of three glass for the new iPhones.

Analysts believe that the presentation we will show three gadgets — iPhone XI c a screen diagonal of 5.8 inches (heir X iPhone), iPhone XI Plus with a diagonal of 6.4-6.5 inch (for fans of “shovels”) and “budget” iPhone 9 with a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches. The first two phones will have OLED displays, and iPhone 9 conventional IPS-LCD screen. Dual camera, rumored to be the same as the iPhone X will be in the iPhone iPhone XI and XI Plus. But the iPhone 9 will be equipped with single photo and video module.

All devices will receive the unibrow, and thus the face recognition module. Accordingly, a fingerprint scanner, these smartphones will not. All devices will be kept in the “frameless” style X iPhone, but the iPhone 9 will be a little less edge than its “older brothers”.

X iPhone and iPhone Plus XI (about the iPhone 9 is not clear) will finally be equipped with fast charging included. Moreover, according to rumors, a miracle can happen and we will see the dual SIM iPhone, but hope for it a bit.

Unfortunately, what we found out about the upcoming presentation, yet does not inspire too much optimism. Apple prefers not to deal with the obvious distractions and going through the “Think Different”, introducing spectacular but not always effective solutions that differentiate it from its competitors. While this strategy has no negative impact on the loyalty of the brand, but the example of other once great companies, we know that even the most infinite patience has come to an end. In any case, should wait for the official presentation and find out what Tim cook and his team have in store for us this year.


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