Xiaomi for a long time did not dare to sell the flagship Mi 3 Mix slider in the Russian market, but not so long ago suddenly changed their minds. In the end, Saami in our country a lot of loyal fans, Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix is one of the most interesting smartphones of the company for the last time. And will remain so even after the release of Mi 9.

Fashion bermocoll started long ago, and, incidentally, opened not Apple, and the first Japanese Sharp, and many years later, Chinese manufacturers. But most of them only boasted bermocoll, showing presentations implausible fotoshopnye drawings, in which the picture on the screen has been stretched to the edges of the body, which in reality was not.

It is the first Xiaomi Mi Mix at the end of 2016 became the first “almost real” mass (in contrast to the outlandish Sharpe) bezrabotnym — except the bottom panel where you have placed the camera. Yes, it was terrible earpiece and the shameful quality of the camera, but it looked very impressive.

Later at the end of 2017, Apple showed the world iPhone X, which seemed even more frameless, but “gave” the world is awfully clumsy design element — “the unibrow”. This idea immediately began to copy the same Chinese, but the Chinese, unlike the Apple, it was obvious that the unibrow is ugly and not cool at all. Therefore monobromo began to fight, or reducing it to an insignificant size, or turning in the hole, either by taking a long time, seemingly forgotten by the slider mechanism.

Yes, Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix — not the only mobile-slider among modern, but the only one currently officially sold in Russia.

Appearance and design

Mix the Xiaomi Mi 3 looks like a classic bezrobotnych-candy, but in reality it consists of two halves travels.

The slider mechanism is made here in order to provide maximum stretch on the front of the screen without any “bangs”. Therefore, the front-facing camera with depth sensors located on the sliding half.

The slider extends almost 1 cm It is provided with a mechanism which is here fully justified, but not without the resulting disadvantages.

For example, the slider is not always easy to move. You have to make an effort, especially if you try to hold your thumb over the screen. This, incidentally, leads to appearance of additional prints.

Plus, because of the slider smartphone was thicker monolithic competitors, even with higher capacity batteries. Usually smartphone thicken to put in it 4000 mAh or a little more, but there is an inevitable measure for the placement of mechanical elements and separating the internal parts of the smartphone.

Also when you click in the Home button the case has a little gap. Xiaomi, by the way, tried to hide it, adding a slight vibration when pressing — something like a Taptic Engine on the iPhone, but not so accurate.

In General, the benefits from a slider only two: the lack of monobrow and instantly launch the camera in selfie mode.

Otherwise it is a smartphone, with USB type-C, fingerprint scanner on the back, and double slot for nano-SIM card (support memory cards, just like all the flagships from XIaomi, not here). There is no separate headphone Jack 3,5 mm. And bezremontnoy…

Screen and interface

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix almost all measured values close to the ideal to date, with the exception of the color gamut. Editorial colorimeter showed 87% of the sRGB color palette, no reason not to believe him I have, but in practice a shortage of colors is not observed. Although for AMOLED screen, this indicator seems weird. But the feeling of “acidity” and the over-saturation of colors, as is often the case AMOLED-matrixes do not arise here.

The Xiaomi Mi 3 is mounted an extruded Mix Full HD screen sootnosheniem sides 19,5:9. Monobrow is not here, but the fillet around the edges still remain. For viewing content is really huge, although not all programs use the upper part of the screen effectively and if there leave free space for monobrow. Oh, the times! O mores!

This also applies to some of the standard programs seems to not redraw application for smartphones with different form screens. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 8 everything looks the same.

Performance and autonomy

Mix the Xiaomi Mi 3 runs on one of the most powerful mobile processors to date, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 graphics accelerator Adreno 630. To help him with 6 GB of RAM LPDDR4. Yes, now it is the flagship processor-the”retiree” after the release of a newer Snapdragon 855. But first, a smartphone with the new processor will cost more than last year’s models (at least initially), and secondly, Xiaomi released the Mi 3 Mix re-release with the new CPU! Do you know many smartphones that are so modify the new season (caustic jokes about iPhone 6 — iPhone 6S — iPhone 7 will escape — they are upgrading comprehensive, not just the CPU)? It would be interesting to see how sold the Samsung new models, if in parallel, they have continued to produce, say, a Galaxy Note 4 with Snapdragon 835 at the price of Pompona…

I am glad that Xiaomi never forgets to add NFC in the modern flagships. Like a trifle, but in Meizu, Oppo and even many Huawei NFC is not, and hence the possibility to pay with a smartphone instead of a Bank card, too.

In terms of autonomy Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix in General is not inferior to the flagship models of competitors, and some of them even surpasses. In simple terms, the user will not have to pay autonomy for performance.


Overall, Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix outputs high-quality images, and without the typical for many Chinese manufacturers (in particular, Huawei/Honor) of bias in the cartoon colors.

However, the mode of “artificial intelligence” here may slightly spoil the picture, and may improve depending on the situation. He makes many of the pictures more glamorous, but, for example, snow in the winter photo it becomes blue.

Photos at night and indoors is not particularly reproach, except that sharpness is reduced compared to daytime images.

Selfie camera (the one that leaves) is not particularly happy — in many pictures a grainy appearance, especially if the picture was taken in low-light conditions.

But the possibility of shooting video here is probably the best among all Chinese smartphones. First, supported shot right up to 4K with a frame rate of 60 FPS, including using the H. 265 codec which compresses data more efficiently.

And even at night the video quality remains high.

All see pictures in their original resolution you can download here.


Honor Magic 2
Unlike Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, Honor Magic 2 remained an exclusive model for China. However, it can be easily delivered to Russia for 50 thousand rubles. Model of Honor runs on a more powerful processor, though you will notice the difference only in a crowded smartphone applications (games won’t make a difference at all).

Menu Magic 2 as high-quality rear-facing camera is much worse, the firmware is Chinese and a normal full Russification + karaciunu Google Play almost impossible.

Oppo Find X
This model even when it came to Russia at the wild price in 70 thousand rubles. Now the online stores sells it for 760 dollars, equivalent to about 50 thousand rubles. Yes, he’s very quick, selfie-camera in it on Xiaomi as, and generally traveling block with cameras, in practice, easier than messing with the slider body of his own But no NFC, the smartphone immediately became a rarity, and even China is unreasonably expensive.


I’m pretty sure that the slider mechanism is not the final victory over monopoly and certainly not its main replacement. Certainly different manufacturers will come up with all sorts of options and test them out on customers. Fans to do a selfie, I would Mix the Xiaomi Mi 3 is not recommended — really annoying every time to press lower half, and the phone drop you can easily. But if front camera you usually idle — then nothing. Although, it is the slider mechanism here and there will make itself felt. For example, the backlash.

Apart from the case design and look at Mi Mix 3 only from the point of view of characteristics, you get a smartphone with the performance level of cheap 8 Mi, almost the same camera in photo (before Mi 8 photographed worse, but with the new firmware of his camera to squeeze almost the maximum it would be better only with your GCam and other distortions), but better quality in the video. And support for wireless charging, which earlier in Xiaomi did not exist.

To pay for these pleasures 15 thousand rubles above the price of the Mi 8 almost nobody wants. But Mi Mix has always been special — the only Xiaomi that I bought for a extremely fast processor or other amenities of the ratio of price and quality, but simply because of the “design fire”. Chinese smartphones that buying is not convenience, but “for the soul”, is almost there, and it’s exactly that. And biting the price is easily bypassed by using Aliexpress in informal retail Mix Mi 3 can be purchased for 32-40 thousand, which is much more interesting.

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