Recently, tucking the machine when paying at the checkout paying by phone (on Apple Pay). The seller said the amount and I put the phone to the terminal (the”tinik”) and the money is written off.

Noticed that were charged a completely different amount.

It turned out that the girl who served me, the map does not have enough funds.

The seller asked her to go to the next counter, where he took her cash, and the session on the previous cash left is not closed and I closed it. I had been using 1 948 rubles with a tail. Then the seller said that return is impossible and he suggested that the money back themselves.

Stood, but the miracle did not happen.

The version that they return sometime later I was not satisfied and the seller offered to come the next day. So I don’t look eccentric, asked him to record this fact.

Of course my purchase, I also paid, and now I think, to lose my time to arrive at the specified time to that gas station, or just to score.

And you would go during working hours to the gas station to try to return 1 948 rubles?

In this case, to the gas station Gazpromneft I have no complaints, I am their regular customer.

But another question, it turns out.

What if I hadn’t noticed on the floor, or believe the seller would have lost part of their money.

I admit that such cases may contribute to a new kind of card fraud.

You have stepped up your Apple Pay or Google Pay, and the fraudster comes with a small box, brings it to your phone and steals your money.


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