What is the difference between the Apple Watch Series 4 from Series 3Вот and it is this moment. Apple announced the fourth generation of smart watches. And if past generations the differences were minimal, but now everything has changed.

So what are the differences between the Apple Watch Series 4 for 31 990 rubles Apple Watch Series 3 for 22 990 rubles.

1. Updated design

4 years later the company decided to update the design of the Apple Watch. Albeit not very much.

First, change the size of the case. If earlier the company had released a watch the size of 38 and 42 mm, now the size has increased to 40 and 44 mm.

Screen size also increased by 32% in 40 mm in length and 35% in the 44-mm models. Compared to the previous generation. Display in the Apple Watch Series 4 takes up almost the entire front panel, frames steel is very thin.

Display area:

• Apple Watch Series 4 (44 mm) — 977 square mm
• Apple Watch Series 4 (40 mm) — 759 square mm
• Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm) — 740 square mm
• Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm) — 563 square mm
The body became thinner. From Series 3 thickness is 11.4 mm, the Series 4 is 10.7 mm.

And the edges of the new smart watches become more rounded than rectangular Series 3.

The bottom of the 4 Series set a new electric sensor of cardiac activity. Therefore, the company decided to protect its ceramics and sapphire crystal, rather than composite materials in the third model.

2. Display

From a technical point of view, the Apple Watch screen 4 th generation has undergone minor changes. Nevertheless, they are worth mentioning.

Screen resolution:

• Apple Watch Series 4 of 40 mm to 324×394 pixel

• Apple Watch 44 mm Series 4 — 368×448 pixels

• Apple Watch 38 mm Series 3 — 272×340 pixel

• Apple Watch 42 mm Series 3 — 312×390 pixel

In the fourth generation smart watch uses advanced OLED display LTPO. This technology is more energy efficient by 5-15%, gives a more accurate calibration, and supports higher resolution.

This type of screens will probably be used in future smart watches and smartphones.

3. Iron

Apple Watch Series 4 were the first smart-watch company, which has 64-bit processor S4. Prior to that, all generations have used the chips with 32-bit architecture. Watch now work 50% faster.

The speaker is increased, whereby its volume is increased by 50%. Also added a microphone to a digital wheel.

In addition, the company worked on quality hours with other gadgets. In this generation chip set W3 than W2 in Series 3. 5.0 and Bluetooth (was Bluetooth 4.2).

In addition, Apple Watch Series 4 engineers have implemented an advanced gyroscope accelerometer that measures acceleration to 32g, optical heart rate sensor of the 2nd generation and electric heart rate sensor.

The latter, coupled with the updated scroll wheel Digital Crown with integrated electrodes allows to take readings of the electrocardiogram (ECG) via a special application. This allows users to better monitor cardiac activity.

While Apple has not confirmed that the application of the ECG will be available in Russia.

By the way, Apple has implemented the wheel in webadvisor. So now users will get tactile response when clicking on the “digital crown”.

And one more thing. The basic version of Series 4 includes 16 GB of internal memory, weeks 8 GB Series 3.

4. New functions and dials

In addition to the ECG sensor in the Apple Watch Series 4 has introduced another chip. It allows you to track the fall.

In other words, if the user falls or rises somewhere for about a minute, then smart watch will immediately dial emergency services.

In addition, for Series 4 the company has developed an exclusive dial “Infograf” accommodates up to eight extensions at the same time (4 center and 4 edges).

This means you have on your wrist will be more important and useful information for all applications. Perhaps he can compete with the descriptiveness dial Siri.

P. S. Straps from the old fit for the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 4.

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