Experienced marketers know that a new channel first shows a huge ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).

The first people who managed to become pitoresque Instagram — now bloggers-millionaires with millions of money. Same story with Telegram and other platforms.

Not only the development of new channels may give an advantage, but the timely use of trending technology. In this article I will tell about one of such technologies on the market of web development.

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I work for a company that develops web and mobile applications with the service component. They provide some extra service or friendliness, and help to automate business processes in the company.

The days of endless lead generation is passed. Today, the leaders are those companies that constantly improve the usability of their products, are aimed to increase loyalty and user engagement.

Users don’t want to think about why your website is slow or not working at all. Slow Internet connection or lack of it — that’s your problem. Today you open a push notification on a smartphone than to search your letter somewhere in the mail.

With the service component managed fine mobile apps. We had cases when the use of mobile applications, users have to spend four times more time and view three times more pages than a website with similar content. But there was one problem…

Problem mobile apps

You may not know, but the average user installs zero apps per month. Zero!

Advertising the application at the coffee shop. In order to download, you must go to the AppStore, you can find it in the search, enter your Apple ID. Well, you understand…

Today it easier for the user to find information using voice search (Alice, where to buy pizza-stuffed rolls?), than to bother with installing the application. The smartphone is at all, even in seven year old children.

Why the need for mobile apps

Apps have a number of advantages compared to ordinary sites. They are loaded faster, they are easier to use even with slow Internet. But most importantly, the goal of the marketers is to get the phone from the client.

If your app in your phone, you can send push messages to the client fall on the eye with its icon and collect data about it.

The gains in ease of use: enter the address and you can use it. The website can be easily found in a Google search, what gives additional advantages for the promotion. Do not need to install anything. Ease of distribution: you can share a link to the page in social networks.

It turns out, more enjoyable to use applications, but easier — web sites? How to combine the pleasant with the useful? This question was answered, as always, Google. She introduced the world to progressive web application (PWA), which combines the benefits of the app and the website.

It is an application that runs in a browser and provides the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the application.

PWA will work offline load quickly, to give push notifications. The customer can add it to the desktop — it will look like a normal application. And, you can not follow the rules of Google Play and App Store.

All applications on the mobile phone screen — PWA
The concept of “progressive application” is very vague. Some examples can insert manifest.json on a website and say that their website refers to the progressive apps.

We called progressive application that meets certain parameters:

must be native and adaptive,

should allow users to conveniently interact with it on any platform,

must be able to work in offline mode without Internet

should be easy to install

should be safe — in many of these applications are subjected to various payments.

How to make such an app

To develop high-quality PWA and cross-platform solutions, we use IONIC FRAMEWORK.

Due to its architecture the application is developed once to different devices. And the iOS version will have elements from iOS and Android app will include elements from Android and Material Design.

An example of adaptation of the UI depending on the platform.

As for desktop devices, the Ionic Framework uses a grid (Responsive Grid) to develop applications for various extensions (like an iPad, any tablet or desktop).

As a result, it looks and works just like a regular native app downloaded from Google Play and AppStore.

Frequently asked questions about PWA
Time PWA-the app looks and performs like Nativ, is it possible to put in Google Play and AppStore?

Yes. Actually, we originally used the Ionic Framework for mobile app development.

Does anyone want the PWA?

Do not rush to implement the PWA to your business. Application development differs from development sites, to create something more or less quality you will need a developer with relevant experience.

Count as a digital marketer, do you need a web application with the service component and how quickly it will pay off?

The app makes sense when customers have constant need for your products or services. If you have a one-time purchase, the service component you do not need.

For example, an application for a dealership to sell cars does not make sense as people buy cars infrequently. But the application for THAT this salon has meaning, and service component.

Technology 2015, it is still relevant?

PWA technology really began to gain momentum only recently. The fact is that not all browsers supported the PWA.

Now all modern browsers have supported PWA and iOS began to support this technology only in version 11.3.

Examples of implementations


Using PWA Starbucks doubled the number of web users who place orders every day, and the app itself turned out to 99,84% less than the existing iOS app Starbucks.

The Starbucks app runs without problems in offline mode and displays the previously loaded content

PWA Starbucks allows its customers to browse the menu, add items to the cart without access to the Internet. Network is needed only at the last step — sending the order to the server.


Even more impressive are the results of AliExpress:

104% increase in conversion for new users in all browsers

two times more pages and I began to view,

74% increased the duration of the session.


Previously, the only tool for the involvement of users of trivago was email, but thanks to the subscriptions to push notifications of a brand new method of coverage.

The increase of the involvement, in turn, 97% have increased the number of transitions to deals.

Examples of the applications collected on the website outweb.io
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