Theatergoers and fans mouseoutclose gallery provides 50% students of Russian universities, including foreigners studying in Russia. Completely free can visit the main gallery of the country, the students of the faculties specialized in the field of fine art. Alas, the benefits apply only to Russian universities. The State Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin on a student — a fifty percent discount. Free admission to the Museum the students of specialized educational institutions and faculties with the Russian student card (foreigners with ISIC cards). Museum of Apple technology gives a small discount. But Apple just lowers the price of Mac or iPad if it is purchased for the student or the enrolled student. And the students of Russian universities can issue a soft apple music subscription. A substantial discount on tickets is offered to students in many theaters. For example, the Et cetera theatre for all performances, running from Monday to Thursday, gives students a 50% discount. In the Bolshoi theatre there is a program “Grand — students”, which can be an hour before the performance to purchase tickets for a nominal of 20 rubles. The program, unfortunately, applies only to students of Russian universities, although the nationality of the student can be from any country. And in the “Workshop of Peter Fomenko” the owners of the student, including universities, high schools, have a chance to get even free of charge. You need to come a little early and sign up for the live queue. Books, haircuts, outfits and a Cup kiekvienam shopping God himself commanded to give discounts to students. But somehow they are not very generous. “Chitay-Gorod”, “Ozone”, “Labyrinth” discount for holders of student does not offer. “Moscow House of books” gives 5% upon presentation of a student card, including Belarusian.5% gives Dom knigi Molodaya Gvardiya, but only for Russian student. Discounts may wait for students in the most unlikely places: intending to make a fashionable hairstyle, googling: some beauty salons are ready to throw off the price just because you are a student. Sometimes clothing stores encouraging students: for example, Topshop promises a 10% discount upon presentation of student of any country. Pizza, coffee and desserts can also be cheaper than someone who gnaws granite science. For example, the “Two sticks” will deliver sushi at home with a 10% discount and will be asked to show your student, including Belarusian. For the most aktivnega fitness centers in Moscow offer student discounts, and most of them are ready for further negotiations. For example, the Force Factory “Titanium” is ready to reduce for students the cost and offer some nice bonuses and there are available to students from Belarus. Even the coolest sporting venue can be much more accessible with student ID. So, a climbing wall “Rock city” and water Park “kVA-KVA Park” give students a fifty percent discount. With 10% discount holders of student tickets, including Belarus, can marvel at the stars in the Moscow planetarium. Walk through the city with a student, we did this: a student ticket costs to carry around like a purse — you never know where you can get a discount because you’re a student. Alas, not always in Moscow accept student cards from Belarusian universities on a par with Russian, but in this direction we already have the first change for the better. ***Olga Pasiak, [email protected], Minnkota Belarusian students and can not boast of free travel, they have a nice bonus — the lowest price for the hostel and a significantly higher scholarship than the Russians. For example, at BSU the cost of dormitories from 10 to 30 Belarusian rubles per month (from 304 to 912 Russian rubles). The scholarship is in the main University of the country varies depending on the specialty in which the student learns, as well as from evaluations per session. Finally, in “the raschetnik” student can be from 86 Belarusian rubles to 154 and higher (2600-4700 Russian rubles). In addition, there are various types of personal scholarships that range in size from 106 to 200 Belarusian rubles (from 3200 to more than 6000 Russian rubles). Universities increasingly try anything to encourage diligent students. For example, in the Grodno University. Kupala is the second year running concept on support of talented youth. The students are offered through University to become parties to international conferences and other educational events. Another interesting project started in 2013 in the Belarusian state University of Informatics and Radioelectronics — “My way of life today — my health and the success of tomorrow.” Then the Belarusian universities for the first time gained the freshmen who had four years to develop a five-year program. Here at the University and thought: for students serious burden and, therefore, it will not hurt to teach them to be attentive to their health. In the end, elder groups took part in an experiment: they attended classes on healthy life, shared this knowledge with classmates, kept diaries of food and got selected in line with the calorie free Lunches and then breakfasts. The trend of the last time a commercial company rarely make a distinction between the Russian and Belarusian student bellamia time to a healthy project joined other universities and colleges. However, the food students are worried in many schools, so student canteens offer hot dining complexes at the most affordable prices, usually in such a set consists of soup, main dish and a drink. And BSU is now talking about plans to introduce a social discount for lunch again to the students. To make their promise with the help of hardware-software complex “Food”, which is already installed in the two cafes and the dining room of the main building of the University. To save money as a student a ticket can and when visiting the Belarusian museums. For example, in the National art students of day form of education have the opportunity to see the permanent exhibition at half price — 4 Belarusian ruble (122 Russian), and the last Wednesday of the month at all for 2 Belarusian ruble (61 Russian ruble). Cheaper cost to students and the ability to take pictures or shoot in the Museum video. At the entrance to the Museum of the great Patriotic war is 9 rubles (274 Russian) students will need to pay 7 (213 rubles), and every third Tuesday of the month — 1 ruble 90 kopecks (58). Are provided for students and discounts on excursions, as well as “soft” days in such iconic places like Mir castle. By the way, in the Memorial complex “Brest fortress-hero”, we have confirmed that discounts for holders of student tickets not only Belarusian universities, but also Russian. Another interesting point: the benefits of travel for Belarusian students there, but some carriers still willing to offer tickets at a lower price. For example, from Grodno to Novogrudok we found the tickets with the student discount of 40%, and from Grodno to Minsk, Brest, Pinsk and Slonim — 30%. Some districts of the Belarusian students and all can get to the capital for half the price. Of course, ready to support students and large retailers as well as cafes, which offer discounts. For example, 20% on coffee. Student discounts we could find in optics, and in centres Photocopying services. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students are included in the list of those for whom provided grants to pay for public utility services. About scholarships and benefits at poezdku Russia scholarships are different and depend from University to University. For example, state academic scholarship at MSU is 2400 rubles per month. Students who have only “good” and “excellent” grades, the scholarship is awarded 2760 rubles, and high achievers — 3000. As for state student incentives, one of the most significant is the reduced fare. For public transport Moscow students benefit 50%. To get it you have to make a special “card of the Muscovite to the student”. After receiving your card you must recharge it at any metro ticket office or “Mosgortrans”.nota bene, or a few tablespoons DeltaV Russia most of the benefits are given only to students daily, full-time tuition. Student ID needs to be extended for the current year. In museums, you may need not only the student, but also a certificate from the University indicating the faculty. Free ticket can often only be provided in “company” at least one is paid. Student discounts are not cumulative with others, such as seasonal, they are often not given in “hot” hours, on weekends or holidays. In the movie will not turn out cheaper to watch movies, which is the so-called “Memorandum” — the prohibition of a rolling campaign to benefits and promotions (usually for the long-awaited high-profile Prime).

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