Every year in September Apple holds an event to announce the next iPhone. And with the approaching iPhone 11 (or whatever his name) the time has come for Apple www.apple-sale.msk.ru. IPhone sales fell by 12% in the third fiscal quarter, more and more people sell their iPhone to buy the Android smartphones and competitors such as Samsung Note 10 and 10 Plus, we have a huge number of attractive features. IPhone did not require any radical redesign, but in order to do Apple expect new success, she will need at least seven improvements and updated features, if a company wants to remain competitive in this increasingly saturated industry.

Source — Bank REEF-2019, TASS

IPhone XS significantly improve the operating time from the battery compared to the iPhone X and iPhone XS Max now works 17 hours and 23 minutes in the looped video test in airplane mode. Despite the fact that this is a good time, models such as the Galaxy S10 P30 Plus and Huawei Pro, work 21 and 23 hours, respectively. In comparison with the top smartphones with the best battery life there are many opportunities to improve the capabilities of the iPhone.

Fortunately, it is expected that iOS 13 will make downloading and running applications, including FaceID, faster and more efficient. But Dark Mode can also help. When displaying black screens and menu pages OLED screen consumes less power, which in turn can help to prevent a too rapid discharge of the battery.

The next CPU, probably named A13, can also help to increase the battery life, especially if, as expected, it will be more effective than last year’s processor A12.

The OLED display on iPhone X, XS and XS Max there is nothing wrong. But the Samsung HDR10+ on the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, Note 10 and 10 Plus and OnePlus 7 Pro with a high refresh rate Apple needs to speed up the process.

It can be as simple as to improve the brightness and color on the next screen the iPhone. Moreover, Apple can offer Motion Pro for iPhone. Pro Motion is a trademark of Apple for their display with a high refresh rate in the range of iPad Pro. The screen is updated in 1.5–2 times faster than a conventional smartphone or tablet. As a result, everything looks sharper, and the animation becomes oily. If the rumors are true, perhaps there will be iPhone Pro. And maybe the word “Pro” indicates the Pro Motion display.

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