Found the coolest discounts.

On the Internet site Tmall is Christmas salein which hundreds of goods has a major discounts of up to 80%. The most pleasant that despite the huge demand, Tmall, as before, delivers the goods by courier in the shortest possible time from one to five days. What to buy for Christmas sale Tmall? Have compiled the best suggestions in this article!

Many still do not know, but Tmall is not a platform for Chinese sellers. On Tmall their products exhibit leading brands including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Bosch, etc. This means that on Tmall sold by the original Russian equipment with a full warranty. But discounts.

AirPods Headphones

Price: 11 598 rubles (normal price of 13 490 rubles).

The most popular wireless headphones the last two years fell pleasantly on sale Tmall. AirPods know everything — this is a great fully wireless headphones with a bunch of innovative features. For example, if you remove one earphone from your ear, the music is automatically paused. If then re-insert the headset, the music automatically play.

9.7-inch iPad 2018

Price: 21 991 rouble (regular price is 24 990 rubles).

The cheapest Apple tablet is of the newest. 9.7-inch iPad sample 2018 customers will appreciate a quality display, a powerful processor A10 Fusion, classic for the Apple giant battery life and stylus support Apple Pencil. By the way, before to use the stylus was only possible on expensive iPad Pro.

iPhone X 64 GB

Price: 62 990 rubles (regular price 79 990 rubles).

Last year’s flagship Apple iPhone X is no longer officially available. But the remaining stocks of the smartphone are getting cheaper all the stronger, especially on sales. Buy jubilee Apple to temporarily get minimum in 2018 price. Of course, we are talking about the RST version of Russian smartphone with a full warranty.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5 742 ruble (regular price of 7 490 rubles).

And this is the best budget smartphone of 2018, which is rightly called the “king of budget smartphones”. Xiaomi Redmi 6A features full-length high-quality display, a powerful processor and a main 13-megapixel camera. The very popular Xiaomi Redmi 6A is used as gift for New year for parents or children.

Xiaomi Redmi S2

Price: 11 513 rubles (regular price 17 990 rubles).

A much more powerful smartphone Xiaomi, which fell on the sale of almost half. Redmi S2 has an OCTA-core chip, the Snapdragon 625, 4 GB of RAM, a large 5,99-inch display and dual vertical camera with a resolution of 12+5 MP. The smart device, which despite its current low price does not budget.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Price: 11 994 ruble (regular price 19 990 rubles).

Another smartphone Xiaomi, which before the sale were in the mid-market. Now Redmi Note 5 made discount of almost 10 thousand rubles! Specs similar to Redmi S2: 5,99-inch display, dual camera with a resolution of 12+5 MP and 4 GB of RAM. But the processor is more powerful than the Redmi Note 5 — Snapdragon 636.

Honor 7C Pro

Price: 9 932 rubles (regular price 13 990 rubles).

The Honor that belongs to Huawei, in 2018 really captured Russia. One of the most popular smartphones of the year the Russians Honor 7C Pro, can be bought much cheaper during the sale at Tmall. The device has a classy modern design, 5,99-inch display with a minimal frame and dual camera with a resolution of 13+2 MP. Importantly, the casing is made from aluminum and not from a fashionable modern glass.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Price: 15 992 ruble (regular price 19 990 rubles).

If you do not want an iPad, but needed Android tablet, A Galaxy Tab from Samsung is a great choice. The tablet is equipped with OCTA-core display, large 10.1-inch display, a decent camera with 8 MP resolution and battery capacity of a whopping 7300 mAh!

External battery pack Romoss Sense 6P

Price: 1 126 rubles (regular price 2 214 rubles).

With the onset of winter iPhone, and other smartphones, the problems started with the discharge of their devices. And all because in the cold the battery faster. The simplest solution is to purchase an external battery. For example, here is a powerful model from a reputable manufacturer Romoss. The capacity of this powerbank impressive — as many as 20000 mAh! Charge any smartphone this battery would be 5-6 full time.

Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4 095 rubles (normal price 6 399 rubles).

Most popular cheap smart watches in 2018 has also released the Xiaomi company. The popularity of Xiaomi Amazfit Bip is related to the fact that the clock work perfectly with both Android smartphones and iPhone and offer the users of dozens of different functions. Watch including tracking activity and heart rate. One of the main “chips” of smart watches, however, is unrealistic operating time without recharging — as much as 45 days!

Children’s smart watch Elari KidPhone 3G

Price: 5 522 ruble (usual price of 6 990 rubles).

Smart watch for kids become one of their biggest hits in 2018 in Russia. With this gadget children can always stay in touch with parents. And the parents, in turn, can see where the child is and if he’s okay. A specific model from the popular Russian producer of Elari equipped with a slot for SIM card and support for voice assistant “Alice”.

Children’s smart watch Elari KidPhone 2

Price: 2 212 rubles (regular price 2 990 rubles).

A more affordable model of children’s smart watches from Elari. This gadget also allows children to always stay connected and support the “Alice” from “Yandex”.

Smart watch Samsung Gear Sport

Price: 15 002 ruble (regular price is 18 990 rubles).

The most stylish smart watch Samsung has already adult also dropped in price on sale. Insanely beautiful Samsung Gear Sport with a round display are designed for the sport — they are protected from water and accurately track various user activity. But smart hours they remain not forgotten. So, the Samsung Gear Sport provides the NFC chip for contactless payment of purchases.

Multicookings REDMOND RMK-M452

Price: 3 495 rubles (regular price is 6 990 rubles).

On sale Tmall price has fallen a lot of different home appliances. For example, running multicooker from Redmond company with non-stick coating, a delayed start and various cooking programs.

Electric grill TEFAL

Price: 2 995 rubles (regular price 5 990 rubles).

Another hit from the category household appliances, electric grill from TEFAL. The grill allows you to quickly cook a variety of dishes due to the high power and special non-stick coating.

Coffee Machine Bosch VeroCup 100

Price: 20 996 rubles (regular price 52 490 rubles).

The biggest and should I say giant discount sales made on the machine from the company Bosch, which began selling on Tmall more goods. Coffee machine Bosch VeroCup 100 — a real godsend for all lovers of coffee. It allows you to cook it in two cups, use different recipes, adjust serving size and much more.

Game console Xbox One’s 1 TB

Price: 20 000 (normal price 22 989 rubles).

Like last year, especially popular for winter holidays and gaining a gaming console. Including due to the appearance of discounts. On Tmall made is not huge, but a nice discount on the flagship version of Xbox One’s with 1 TB of memory. Included with the console is a popular game Player Unknown”s Battlegrounds.

Robot vacuum ILIFE V50

Price: 6 664 ruble (regular price 11 900 rubles).

Original gadget for anyone who wants to start the new year more technological. Is robot vacuum that will automatically for a given scenario to move around the apartment and to monitor its cleanliness. Chic gadget that was appreciated by almost 30 thousand customers.


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