The leaders of Russia and the United States are different attitude to the gadgets.

It is known that the presidents of world powers deprived of many common people opportunities. For example, they are unable to use the most simple smartphones, as they can listen to. But whether presidents Putin and trump the recommendations of the security services? Today it became clear that the leaders of Russia and the USA act differently.

Trump just three IPhone

US President, Donald trump does not refuse to itself pleasure to use smartphones. Trump prefers the iPhone, and the President three. Two of them are configured in a special way by the staff of the national security Agency. Experts are turned off on the iPhone trump the number of functions that can be unsafe.

On the third iPhone trump no restrictions. It is the President of the USA and writes his daily tweets, which often excite the whole world. This iPhone is not locked even install third party apps from the App Store.

U.S. experts on cyber security believe that this iPhone trump listen to Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies. However, evidence for this is currently not found.

Putin is far from gadgets

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that he does not need a smartphone to use it simply no need. And he proves that he really has no smartphone. All calls Putin carries or terrestrial communication channel, or via heavily encrypted satellite channel.


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