What technologies Apple has killed in 2018 goduta the past year in the lineup of Apple gadgets has seen many changes. Some seem obvious technological progress, and some implemented with the filing of marketers.

Let’s see, what gadgets, technology, and the chips cupertinos entirely or almost killed over the past 2018.

Glowing Apple

The old and much-loved feature of the Apple laptops have practically retired.

Until 2018 a slightly updated line of laptops Air still had hope in the resurrection of the recognizable features of Apple computers. It is now clear exactly what the milk company logo on the MacBook cover will disappear.

Cupertinos will only sell the remains of the old 13-inch laptops and shimmering Apple will finally become a symptom of outdated models.

Maybe in a few years the chip will return to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience at the presentation.

Easy charging with MagSafe

Another trick, which until recently, kept the line of the Air — conveniently charge your laptop with the MagSafe port.

Comfortable it did not only the magnetic port, which has saved the laptop from falling and clearly gave to understand when the battery is fully charged and complete extension. It turned out to reach the outlet from almost anywhere.

Now out of the box we get only a 2-meter Type-C cable with a regular connector. If you want longer or on the magnet, go to AliExpess and hope that your Mac will not burn.

Headphone Jack in the iPhone and iPad

The usual connector for connecting a wired headset in the last year were relevant and used in most commercially sold Apple mobile devices.

In September the company website lost all iPhone models with a 3.5 mm connector. To find such devices can still be Resellers or on the secondary market.

Not the most pleasant thing moved smoothly on the iPad Pro 2018. The new thin body of the tablet, there was no place for the audio Jack. Most likely, a year later all the tablets Apple will lose this port.

If the iPhone is trying to justify the presence of the waterproof case, the iPad is simply removed without explanation.

Mentally prepare for release 2 AirPods and the next apdejtam MacBook without 3.5 mm connector. New mobile devices have been with him will not be exact.

Touch ID in the iPhone and iPad

A pleasant innovation after the iPhone came the iPad became the technology of Face ID. No more finger scanning, now the lock is released quickly and invisibly to the user.

While scanners are massively installed on MacBook Air and Pro. I hope that after a couple of years, the recognition of the user’s face will get to Apple laptops.

This year say goodbye to the technology on mobile devices.

Inexpensive iPhone model

In the early years there were a lot of rumors about the new iPhone version SE 2. Many users have dreamed of an inexpensive compact smartphone with top-end hardware and a good camera.

Some wanted to see the device in the design of the iPhone X, and the others agreed, and the old option of case iPhone 5/5s.

At the fall presentation of the budget solution instead of cupertinos iPhone showed Xr. It is also a kind of a cheap smartphone, but it costs much higher than iPhone 5c and iPhone SE at the time.

So, cook and company showed that budget iPhones will be no more. Unusual solutions lack some of the flagship chips will appear periodically in the lineup, and smartphones on iOS for $300 don’t wait.


One of the best routers for home or small office is no longer available. The company intentionally killed the line of cool gadgets only because of the complexity of earnings on them.

The sale of these devices bring low profits, the routers do not affect the involvement of users in the ecosystem. Apple’s both from the AirPort and through competing solutions, routers are not tied to proprietary services, or chips.

So this year we said goodbye to cool devices, which are found now only on the secondary market.

MacBook 12
Interesting and progressive line of portable 12-inch computers now clearly looks superfluous. Three laptop are in the same price segment, but the regular MacBook has nothing to counter the more powerful MacBook Pro and updated MacBook Air.

Perhaps this line was originally only a temporary one to satisfy users prior to the release of Air with Retina display. If cupertinos want to keep a third notebook in the lineup, the prices should be reduced.

On the background of General rise in price of gadgets in it is hard to believe.

Lightning are next in line

Proprietary connector Apple has long brought the company a profit through the sale of accessories and certificates for third-party vendors, but it’s time to move on to a more promising and versatile Type-C.

The first step was the release of the new iPad Pro 2018 without Lightning. Now waiting for a mini revolution in the line of iPhone.

A number of gadgets in this is now at risk, buying them now after a year it may need a radical update.

We recommend you carefully select the device with Lightning connector. It is best to wait until next fall when it will become obvious that cupertinos finally killed Lightning (or not).

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