What the Apple Watch Series 4 to choose from. Better 40 or 44 mm?It would seem that the question? The large screen on the clock — always a plus!

But no, with the new Apple Watch Series 4 all is not so simple. If before most of the really big model, now I would strongly consider. Maybe small enough.

Moreover, I would not call them small. With such a display…

In this article, I have collected all the important differences and peculiarities of two dimensions, the fourth (actually the fifth) generation of smart hours Apple. Not all so obvious as it might seem on the title.

Technical specifications AW Series 4. What is the difference with the previous generation

Apple Watch Series 4 (44 mm) Series 0 (38 mm).

In the new generation of the Apple Watch for the first time in the history of the line has changed the display: 38 mm turned into 40 mm and 42 mm — 44 mm. That is, both models became a little larger.

Themselves are physically larger, covers and protectors for previous generations of AW will not work. Glass and corners of the case are now more rounded, and the gadget now doesn’t seem so “rectangular” as before.

Increased display resolution:

Series 3 38 mm 340 x 272 pixels per inch

Series 4 40 mm: 394 x 324 pixels per inch

Series 3 42mm: 390 x 312 pixels per inch

Series 4 44mm: 448 x 368 pixels per inch

Learn more about the differences and innovations, read our review of the Apple Watch Series 4.

In both Series 4 models have the same processor, speakers, and microphones. Also uniform colour of the buildings. So will choose solely on appearance preferences and multiple features-the differences below.

The new size is perceived differently: universal 40 mm and 44 is not suitable for everyone

It used to be like? A 38-millimeter model (small) is mainly suited to women, and 42 mm (large) take men. But now I’m seriously thinking about a small Series of 4 and never looked back on established preferences.

I asked the opinion of the owners of the old 42-mm AW generations, and the absolute majority of a new 40-mm model was like. The information it displays exactly the same, and the hand looks more organic. More refined or something.

As for the 44 mm model, it is more for fans of large watches. If before the Apple Watch seemed like a miniature you, your comments have finally heard. Well, plus, it is possible to see even very-very small text and icons, even on the run.

Don’t pretend to be objective, after all everyone has their own vision of the perfect hours. But personally, I maxed out the casing and screen in the 40-mm version now seem to be the Golden mean among all the existing models AW. They look, first and foremost, a good stylish accessory than “gukovskii” gadget.

Briefly: “small” 40 mm model universal, and the 44 mm version will appeal to fans of large watches.

Old bracelets fit to new models, and that’s fine

If you have forgotten your bracelets from the 38-mm version of the Apple Watch, you can safely attach them to a 42-mm version. The same applies to straps from the 42-mm version and 44 mm Series 4.

I didn’t notice the “gaps” or problems with mounting the old original bracelets for new watches. If it was not significant upgrades.

I think that Apple can Express strong respect, housing became more so, the designers purposefully made the straps aesthetic compatibility to previous generations of AW.

By the way, this works in the opposite direction — the new straps are also put on old Apple watches.

Backward compatibility of belts will delight not only the owners of past generations AW, but who would buy such a thing for the first time and want to assemble a collection of bracelets under different situation, clothing and mood.

In four years of existence of the gadget, Apple released an uncountable number of bracelets of different shapes, materials and patterns (talking about the nylon). Whatever combination you want to wear on the hand, it is possible.

In short: all the old bracelets fit new clock and Vice versa.

Model with display 44 mm longer works, it is a fact

As with the iPhone Plus/Max, buy a large version of the Apple Watch for better battery life. For Series 4 it is still relevant.

Pay attention to the battery capacity:

Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm): 1.07 W/h
Apple Watch Series 4 (40 mm): 0.86 W/h
Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm): 1.34 W/h
Apple Watch Series 4 (44 mm): 1.12 W/h
Did you get the impression: Yes, the new generation Apple reduced the battery capacity. But at the same time reducing power consumption. And in the end has made Series 4 the same performance battery life, as last year’s models.

With moderate use of the models in both sizes, you can squeeze 2 days of Autonomous operation. And in active — from 12 to 18 hours that is from morning to late evening.

But the 44-mm version still has the advantage, which I confirmed by experience. If nothing at all to do with AW and just wear them as a watch, it is the “large” model can live for 3 days.

For smart watches is a very impressive figure, if that.

In short: if used to charge the watch once a day or two, feel free to take a 40mm model, not notice the difference. If the Apple Watch needs only dials and notifications, think about the 44-mm version — it runs longer on a third.

Some straps are not for the 44-mm Apple Watch. And Vice versa

If you liked a particular model of strap before you chose to watch pre-test that was compatible.

What bracelets are for the 40 mm and 44 mm at the same time:

all sports (“silicon”)

all nylon

all textile

all Milanese

all block

The bracelets below are only for 40-mm (the old 38-mm) Apple Watch:

leather straps with a modern buckle (Modern Buckle)

Hermès Simple Tour (some color)

Hermès Double Tour (double loop)

And these bracelets can only be installed in a 44-mm (old 42-mm), AW:

magnetic leather straps (Leather Loop)

Hermès Simple Tour (some color)

Simple Hermès Rallye Tour (which is perforated)

Buying the bracelet to the Apple Watch, carefully check that it is compatible with the size of the model of your watch. One time I caught with a magnetic leather strap, fortunately that quickly returned to the store.

Briefly: take a 40 mm if you want to wear the bracelet Hermes Double Tour. Or 44 mm, if you like the magnetic leather straps Apple.

More information displays 44-mm model, but a 40mm version is almost behind

Due to the larger resolution display, the “big” Apple Watch Series 4 has an advantage: they can show more information on one screen. For hours that’s a serious advantage.

The difference in the diagonal is most noticeable in the quick menu of commands on the dial of Siri tips (seen on a half-block more), in the main menu (more icons) and when reading text notifications from iPhone.

However, with the latter’s the trick.

In the settings of the watch OS (operating system Apple Watch) you can change the size of fonts. If it to reduce slightly, then even a 40-millimeter watch will show exactly the same text in the notifications, how many 44-mm model. Just need to look a little harder.

In short: if you have problems with your vision, look to the 44-mm version. In the rest of the 40-mm model is not much worse.

Where to buy the Apple Watch Series 4 in Russia. How much are

In Russia are sold exclusively aluminum Apple Watch without LTE module. Steel is not at all, which is a bit frustrating.

Price AW 4 depends on the size and the bracelet with which they are supplied. The most affordable — sports lanyards:

Apple Watch Series 4 40 mm: from 31 990 rubles.

Apple Watch 44 mm Series 4: 33 990 rubles.

The difference between them — only 2 thousand rubles, which you pay extra for large display size and battery. This is a serious advantages. However, the 40 mm model may look banal on hand nicer. And will work quickly.

In the end, that’s my opinion of which to choose:

40 mm for those who like small watches, wear them in the first place as an accessory, has a thin or normal width of the wrist.

44 mm for those who like large watches, wide wrist, wants maximum battery life and very large (for hours) display and also for people with good enough vision.

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