Trouble charging the iPhone do not appear very often, however, forewarned is forearmed. Appleinsider reports what to do if your smartphone is not charging.

Most often this is due to the clogged debris the Lightning port, so all you may need is a simple cleaning.

To turn off the iPhone and get a flashlight

The first step is to shut down your iPhone, pick up a powerful flashlight and inspect the hole for charging. This must be done carefully, examining the edges and walls of Lightning, as the dust and dirt compacted and difficult to notice.

If there is something inside, it makes sense to shake the phone to shake out the debris. But while in no case do not try to shove anything.

To use improvised means

If possible, you need to get a can of compressed air – it will help unclog the port. In addition, you may need a small stick, toothbrush or small brush. The main thing – not to use anything metal!

From the hole should leave a small patch of mud, but even if this happens, you should try to connect the charging cable and check its operation.

Last option

In the last turn you need to take the needle and a rounded end to gently pick in Lightning. From the port you can get small pieces of metal, but along with them will be whole garbage.

If not even that, then it’s time to contact the service center. Continuing to try to organize the work of Lightning, can only aggravate the situation.


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