Though the iPhone and was recognized as one of the most reliable phones from sudden breakdowns still no one is safe. One of the most common faults — problems with charging . In a “perfect” moment iPhone just stops any way to react on connection to a power source. What to do in this case? Let’s look at all the potential reasons for this behavior.

The first thing you need to determine exactly when damage occurred: if it occurred because of a physical or mechanical action, or inside the device gets wet, guess not — the problem is likely to fail to resolve on their own. We recommend as soon as possible to contact the appropriate service center for further instructions. But if this is not the case, we can offer you the following options:

Change Lightning cable and charger.

If you use unofficial accessories when charging the iPhone, it is likely that the problem lies precisely in this. As you know, cables and chargers from third-party manufacturers that are not certified by MFi, did not differ high reliability and at any moment can fail. In order to avoid such a scenario, you need to connect your device to another power source.

Clean the Lightning connector on the iPhone.

Even if your smartphone is constantly in a case, for a long period of operation Lightning connector could gather dust and debris. Sometimes even a slight speck of dust can interfere with charging the phone. The solution is simple enough — you need to use a toothpick and gently clean the connector without touching the pins.

To perform a forced reboot.

Sometimes a similar fault occurs if the incorrect operating system. In order to exclude a software error, we need to perform a forced reboot of the device. This is done very simply:

  • For iPhone 6 and earlier models — hold down the power button and Home for 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.
  • For iPhone 7 and newer — hold down the power button and volume down for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Unfortunately, if the above recommendations did not help, it is likely that the true cause of failure can only install the service center. Often when such a problem fails, the power controller, and sometimes the problem may be with the battery or faulty Lightning connector. However, each case is unique — appropriately, identify the main source of failure can only be a specialist after a thorough diagnosis.


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