Recently Apple introduced a new generation of iPhone, and even we were surprised by the cost of new products, such as iPhone Max Xs in the top configuration will cost about 128 thousand rubles. For a smartphone this is an incredible price, so it is not surprising that many prefer to pay 5-6 times less and buy one of the iPhone past generations.

Often, these smartphones have become in the secondary market, but there is a risk of running into unscrupulous sellers, which, at best, leave you with a Chinese copy of the iPhone, at worst you will take all the money and not give anything. Here come to the rescue of special services which implement the updated smartphones and give them a guarantee. For example, SmartPrice, which sells an updated smartphone, including system trade-in, and is an official partner

Against the backdrop of the cost of a new iPhone SmartPrice prices look incredibly low, especially now that the service arranges the sale within which to purchase the desired smartphone is possible with an additional discount (20 %). Why pay 30 % of the price for the scratches that will appear on the smartphone for one week of use? Take the iPhone 7 with 32 GB internal memory: total 23 989 rubles, you can buy the device in good condition, and paying about 3 000 rubles, will get the same iPhone, but in excellent condition.

How is the condition of the iPhone? Good condition implies noticeable scratches or chips on the case, there may be minor scratches on the display, all the internal modules must be fully functional and work as new. Excellent condition assigned to the phone if its body is almost in perfect condition, and internal components work like a clock. Like new— perfect condition in which the smartphone is virtually indistinguishable from new. In the case of this device there are no chips and scratches, all components are working properly, so he comes with a valid warranty from authorized service center.

In the case of older generations of the iPhone price is even lower: less 17 500 rubles, you can buy iPhone 6s “As new” and get a powerful smartphone with 3D Touch and still relevant “iron”. Or even get the iPhone 6 without a scratch, and pay less than 13 000.

About the iPhone 5s, we really don’t talk prices here range from 6 to 8 000 depending on memory and condition.

It should be noted that the proposed SmartPrice smartphones are very different from those available in the secondary market of gadgets. All iPhone before you sell go to a certified center for diagnosis where the experts reveal all the defects of the devices, and if necessary, make minor repairs — for example, changing the display or battery. Soldering and replacement of cables, no one does.

In whatever state you choose iPhone, SmartPrice is so confident in the quality of sold smartphones that gives 90 days warranty on any breakage. All devices come in the original box. Besides, there is always the possibility to cancel the purchase if iPhone brought by the courier, suddenly you do not like.

By the way, recently in conjunction with the service launched a project with which you not just can buy iPhone much cheaper, but also exchange your old smartphone for a new one. On a special page, you can buy any of Apple smartphones with a maximum savings of up to 30 thousand rubles. There is a delivery across Russia, the payment upon receipt.


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