Checked gifts.

Don’t know what to give on February 23? You can not think of anything sverhoriginalnogo and make just a proven gift that will definitely be useful and this is desirable. In this collection collected 10 such gifts from AliExpress and Tmall.

1. Thermos Xiaomi

Price: from 1347 rubles.

Unreal thermos from Xiaomi, which is extremely positive. The thermos keeps the temperature up to 24 hours, has a modern design and is incredibly durable. Chic sale, including as a gift on February 23. Of course, for those who need a thermos. And it may be needed for almost everything, even to warm up with hot coffee or tea in traffic on the way to work.

2. Unusual glass

Price: from 152 rubles.

The original glass of the skull, looks very brutal. Buyers noted the high quality of the glass and the absence of any visible defects.

3. Original beer mug

Price: 875 rubles (20% discount).

But no less unusual beer mug, with dragons and skulls — a very brutal and fresh. In Russian stores to find this to be problematic. Yes, if it will, then, most likely, it will be the same mug from AliExpress, but well overpriced.

4. Shaver Xiaomi

Price: 2290 rubles (20% discount).

Checked shaver from Xiaomi. Just the perfect tool for your money. Three movable shaving head, different operating modes and high autonomy.

5. Smart tie

Price: 215 roubles (discount 69%).

Tie — traditionally one of the most popular gifts on February 23. If you want to give an unusual tie, then you should look at the models in the store. They are all designed in a modern style and are of high quality.

6. Shipping 1-5 days! Tool set

Price: 1223 ruble (discount 35%).

According to surveys, tool set for car are one of the most sought after gift for men. One of these sets, which includes just 53 of the tool is sold with a strong discount can be taken. More than five thousand orders and 99% positive feedback directly alluding to the fact that the set is excellent.

7. Shipping 1-5 days! Smart watch Apple Watch Nike+

Price: 20 998 rubles (20% discount).

Also according to surveys, men love to receive a gift gadgets. Stand out Apple Watch, and no wonder — gadget that is really necessary. Now on Tmall you can buy the men’s version of the Apple Watch, Nike+ with a good discount.

8. Shipping 1-5 days! Wireless headphones JBL E25

Price: 2,300 rubles (discount 35%).

Great wireless headphones JBL would be a great gift for many men. And at purchase did not hit hard on the pocket, as now they can be bought with an impressive discount.

9. Multitool

Price: 521 ruble (discount 49%).

Another proven gift on February 23 — multitool. It is not all men, but everyone wants it. Select this model with a durable stainless steel case and 13 instruments.

10. Shipping 1-5 days! Shaving gel Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Price: 529 rubles (15% discount).

And, finally, the maximum traditional gift — a shaving gel. To highlight it we decided, because on the Internet site Tmall it is sold with a big reduction. Considering that the delivery with Tmall takes a maximum of five days, on the accessories you can save money and outside public holidays.


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