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This week Samsung has unveiled its first folding smartphone Galaxy Fold. A unique machine for two thousand dollars will go on sale in April. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Fold is a product for proof of concept, the announcement raised questions about when similar foldable smartphone released by Apple. Wait for the likes of the iPhone should not soon, but likely the design of the device can be assumed.

Dutch designer Roy Gilsing produced a relatively realistic concept of the iPhone foldable. The concept is based on the latest Apple patents in which the company’s engineers considered various options to design a folding smartphone.

The concept shows how folding iPhone can work in normal mode, tablet mode and a special mode of the clamshell, allowing easier typing.

Of course, this implementation foldable iPhone from Apple, most likely, not worth waiting. The concept only shows what technology patented by Apple and that their use can be obtained.

After the announcement of the Galaxy Fold, analysts talk about what Apple may be much more difficult to produce a similar smartphone. The reason is that the supplier of folding displays at the moment can only be Samsung. The Korean company is unlikely to want to share the Apple with its unique folding displays. In addition, the company may simply not have enough inventory of folding screens to release their own smartphones.

Source: FN.


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