This month you will learn:

— how to make a presentation worse than Apple; — is it true the Americans landed on the moon, or is it all filmed Stanley Kubrick; — how to teach child to tell time; — what to expect from artificial intelligence; — how to train your Fox and why do it; how to understand the infinite expansion of the Universe… as well As in Finance, taxes and law — just a couple of hours; — and how to stay young and conquer the world at the age of 97.

Icon by chance

Iris Apfel

She is a designer, model, collector, style icon, and as she himself says, “the oldest teenager in the world.” Iris Apfel is admired and inspiring. At 97 years, she enjoys life, works hard, a movie, buys the ridiculous dime-store bracelets and combines them with expensive clothes as anyone else in the world. And that iris wrote the book, which shares her wisdom (for example, how to live life in a happy marriage), many jokes and inspiring. Each spread of this book is itself a work of art. As the life of its author.

Latest invention: Artificial intelligence and the end of the era of Homo sapiens

James Barratt

New “alpenpokal”. Scientists are creating artificial intelligence for robotics and search engines develop the algorithms, databases, systems of recognition of voices and faces and other applications, are convinced that in the future the most important decisions determining the lives of people who will take the car. Or people whose intelligence is supported by machine intelligence. Many believe that this will happen in our lifetime. Intriguing? Then read this story about a most serious challenge to mankind.

How to tame a Fox (and turn into a dog)

If Dugatkin, Lyudmila Trut

Why would Fox not be the perfect dog? Before you the dramatic story of the experiment on the domestication of foxes is perhaps the world’s most famous research project, which carried out the Soviet and Russian biologists. The experiment lasted 60 years and was successful but resulted charming handmade foxes that tend to lick you on the cheek, making your heart ready to melt. About the experiment on the domestication of foxes has written many articles, but still there was not a single book, where he describes fully. We have corrected this omission.

“Apollo-8”: a Fascinating story of the first flight to the moon

Jeffrey Kluger

Flight to the moon, according to the promise of President Kennedy, was scheduled to 1970 But killed Kennedy, three astronauts died on Apollo the year before, and the fate of the moon program was questionable. The book is about how everything turned out. About dream and fear. About the man in the moon. And about what it’s like when chance of survival is 50/50.

Map of the Universe: the Main ideas that explain the construction of the space

Priyamvada The N.

The author examines the deviation of light coming from distant galaxies, the location of the dark matter and the formation and growth of black holes, the most amazing and mysterious objects in the Universe. But in order to follow the development of space events do not have to be an astrophysicist: the fascinating history of cosmology, emotions and passions, of scientific insight and unpredictable consequences.

Hard presentations: How to sell anything to anyone

Dan Kennedy, Dustin Mathews

We love Dan Kennedy for his “no bullshit” approach (literally — “no bullshit”, “no small talk”). To be able to do cool presentation need now to almost everyone, because it’s not just boring reports in Power Point. Here and the ability to talk about my idea, and to show themselves and to sell all that expensive, and captivate the interlocutor, and to win over any audience. The book teaches not to be afraid of public speaking, influence people and be almost as cool as Steve jobs. Well, how about Tim cook. The main thing is to apply the advice into practice.

All about business in two hours: the Secrets of lawyers and accountants

Elena Elgina, Elena Smolyakova, Alexander Melnikov

Taxes, law, registration and other complicated for the novice entrepreneur issues and business processes the authors explain in simple language. What is called “fingers” in the examples. Individual entrepreneur or legal entity? JSC or LLC? What to do with VAT? Stuff like that. This guide will save you nerves and money.

Connie learns to tell time

Hannah Sorensen

The continuation of a series about our favorite girl Connie, who grows together with your little readers. This time Connie will make it easier for parents the task to teach children to tell time. And even plan your day!

Illustration in the header is from the book “Icon by accident”.

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