October 28, 1996, Apple officially released the handheld MessagePad 2000 based operating system Newton.

This device was one of the last in the line, and after the return of Steve jobs at Apple, this project was abandoned as hopeless.

Apple MessagePad 2000 was based on the StrongARM 110 processor with a frequency of 162 MHz, had 5 megabytes of RAM and 8 MB of persistent memory for user data. The display can display 16 shades of shades in monochrome at the resolution of 480×320 pixels. At the start of the retail price of the device was 850 dollars, which is comparable to the cost of top-end configurations of Apple iPad.

October 28, 2002 Palm introduced a pocket computer, which gave rise to the line of Tungsten. At that time, Palm has taken a leading position in the PDA market, and its design decisions are often copied by other manufacturers.

Palm Tungsten T was released in the form factor of the vertical slider. In case were hiding wide touch panel data entry. When folded, this PDA has become a very compact and easily fit in a jacket pocket. The company realized that the average user spends more time in the reading mode than in writing mode, so that the design of the Tungsten T was a harbinger of the complete rejection of additional elements to enter information. I should add that the Palm Tungsten T was the first device with Palm OS 5.0 and ARM processor. At the time of the announcement it was priced at $ 499.

28 October 1971, the Prospero X-3 was launched into orbit. To this day he remains the first and only artificial Earth satellite, launched by a British launch vehicle. It was called Black Arrow, and its launch was made Australian of the polygon Woomera, which at that time belonged to great Britain.

The launch of Prospero X-3 was the second attempt to launch vehicle Black Arrow. The first launch (the satellite Orba X-2) was bad — there was a premature shutdown of the second stage engine, and while the third solid stage worked fine, the speed was not enough to close the orbit around the planet. According to the results of work on the Black Arrow programme, the UK has become the fifth country that have implemented orbital launch (after Soviet Union, USA, France, Japan and China).

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