31 July 2018 Apple will report for the third fiscal quarter of 2018. Analysts are trying to predict what numbers will be announced by the company, and what can we expect in the next year.

The market value of Apple is slowly but surely approaching the figure of one trillion dollars. And the results of the third fiscal quarter of 2018, will definitely affect the value of the shares of the company.

In this reporting period, Apple was declared the following objectives:

  • revenue between 51.1 and of 53.3 billion dollars;
  • gross margin from 38% to 38.5%;
  • operating expenses from 7.7 to 7.8 billion dollars;
  • other income of about $ 400 million;
  • tax rate is 14.5%.

According to Gene Munster of Loop Ventures, for the third fiscal quarter will be sold 41.6 million iPhone, which is 3% higher than the same period last year. And sales of various services will increase by 19%.

To the peculiarities of the third quarter can be attributed to the fact that the iPhone will become more stable business, moving rather in the category of software than hardware solutions. And the fact that the rate of return of the investment exceeds investor expectations.

Looking ahead, Munster makes a favorable Outlook for fiscal 2019. The demand for the iPhone will remain high and the growth of the Corporation’s shares can be affected by such factors as the demand for original video content, the device to interact with augmented reality, developments in the field support the health and development of Autonomous vehicles.

At the same time, the company Zacks Equity Research believes that Apple can earn about 52,37 billion dollars, which will increase total annual revenues by 15.3%. According to this group of experts, Apple will sell million iPhone 41,29, and the sale of services will be the strength of the Corporation. Revenues from the App Store, Apple Music, AppleCare and Apple Pay will lead to a significant increase in revenue. While sales in the segment of wearable products and smart devices could increase by up to 90%.

FactSet believes that Apple’s revenue will amount to 52,3 billion dollars, and users will acquire a 42 million iPhones.

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi reports that experts are now more busy to build as accurate a forecast for 2019:

“The results of the fiscal third quarter is unlikely to mean something to investors and will not bring surprises with regards to iPhone sales, gross margin or income from services.

Investors focused on demand for new generation Apple smartphones, sales of which will be already in the 2019 financial year”.

How accurate were the forecasts of analysts, will be known on Tuesday 31 July 2018.


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