Opinions about the new smartphone different.

Two weeks before the launch of the new iPhone on 10 September, Apple will face a very useful and “happy” with a wave of leaks that help to tell the story of Tim cook on a new iOS device. There’s even saw an amazing change in one of the ugly elements of the iPhone 11.

This weekend saw an increase in messages about the new features that will appear in the family of iPhone 11, from new processors and capacity for AR and VR, with the improved software of the camera, before the availability of the reverse wireless charging and increase the battery capacity. Perhaps it would be better if the “cheerleaders” Apple did not compare this list of “new features” too close to the flagship Android devices, because Apple will still lose, according to some observers.

A side effect of all these leaks? They help set the storyline for a product launch. Some leaks have contributed to the hardware selection Apple, other leaks suggest counterarguments on issues that Apple will take the negative.

Instead of metal frame “pierced” glass on the back iPhone this year the Apple iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro will be back, cast from a single piece of glass https://mr-profi.com/iphones. Glass will bend, creating irregularities in the camera, so there are no seams.

Does the fact that the hump of the camera will have a smoother edge in glass, not metal, negates the awkward and ugly design that was used before in the area of the camera? Not for everyone; the lack of symmetry is still there, it’s ridiculous to insist on a more subtle case is still present, and the whole Assembly of the lens still looks like induction cooktop Ikea — this reviewer Ewan Spence publishes on its online pages to the magazine Forbes.

But, mixing the hump camera and rear glass, and, apparently, colors corresponding to the two levels along with the removal of the Apple logo from the back of the housings — Apple will be hoping that this will be enough to make geekerati Apple to support the new device.

Source — Forbes

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