New Apple smartphones, which it will release in fall 2019, may be the most uninteresting in the entire history of the company. They will have innovative technologies, and everything that Apple will try to entice buyers so it’s new colors and triple main camera. Radical changes to iPhone is expected only in 2020

The most boring smartphone

The Apple iPhone line 2019 may be the least innovative since the announcement of the first iPhone in 2007 a New generation, experts say by ZDNet, will have long-outdated and boring design and too little innovation compared to the iPhone 2018 insufficient to awakening interest on the part of owners of existing iPhone and those who are considering switching to iOS from Android.

Release date new iPhone 11 (working title) on July 5, 2019 not been announced, but traditionally, Apple releases its new smartphone every year in early autumn. Some information about new gadgets, including their appearance, the efforts of insiders was known long before the presentation.

Outdated design and the absence of radical innovations on the Basis of published portal SlashLeaks information, iPhone 2019 outwardly practically do not differ from Apple 2018 Design will remain the same, except that added the third module of the main camera.

In recent years a radical new smartphone in the line of Apple was the iPhone X in 2017, which received the original at the time element of the exterior — “the unibrow”, the cutout in the display. This feature was associated with the appearance of face recognition technology with Face ID, full analogues which at that time was not in any other smartphone, making it unique. Meanwhile, if you need iPhone repair — then is better to contact the experts.

In the same smartphone Apple declined to dactiloscopy Touch ID in favor of the Face ID and the decrease of the thickness of the screen frames. In 2018, X iPhone turned into XS, Max and XS is the “budget” XR, which, in fact, is no different from the point of view of availability of unique technologies, solutions and design. In other words, the iPhone 11 Apple uses exterior two years ago, including “unibrow”, and some new technologies, it and will refuse.

Goodbye, Face ID
IPhone 2019 Face ID may give way to the Touch ID, removed from the iPhone X. Rollback to 2016, and the era of the iPhone 7, according to the newspaper Global Times, there is no global — smartphones with Touch ID Apple will release only for China, where Face ID not in demand. Experience in the production of unique smartphones for the country version in 2018 it is suggested the people of China iPhone XS Max supports two physical SIM cards.

The only Touch ID can’t come back in the form of an original Home button — Apple is likely to embed it directly into the display. This technology is widespread, and currently it is present in smartphones Chinese, Korean and Japanese companies, including in the new teen Xiaomi CC9.

More cameras and USB C
Such third camera module will really help to distinguish the iPhone iPhone from 2019 X and XS, however, according to ZDNet, Apple is not going to improve the algorithms for processing the obtained images, both built-in and cloud, and in the end, the extra sensor runs the risk not be reflected on improving the quality of the images. In addition, in comparison with other models 2019 triple chamber cannot be considered to be innovative — for example, in Nokia 9 PureView, an array of five sensors. In other words, the updated camera is not a reason to switch to iPhone 11 if you have iPhone XS or even the iPhone X.

The refusal from Apple’s proprietary Lightning in favor of USB-C is also highly questionable argument in favor of the next-generation iPhone. First Lightning connector was introduced in 2012 and during the years of its existence became widespread — the relevant charging cables can be purchased in any store. The transition to USB-C current to a greater extent for the iPad Pro, positioning and form factor which involve the connection of external peripherals. By the way, in iOS 13, the beta version is available for installation, Apple has implemented mouse support.

The network of the fifth generation

Support of cellular networks 5G, the active development of which started in 2019, the iPhone 11 is also not planned. Perhaps Apple is guided by the fact that the network of the fifth generation distributed yet far from universal. Other companies, however, this does not prevent: winter 2019 Samsung released the flagship Galaxy S10 with support for 5G, and 7 August 2019 it may be a business smartphone Galaxy Note10 with 5G modem.

When to expect innovation

All of the most interesting innovations Apple could save by 2020, these include, first and foremost, chip 5G, as well as experts believe, the rejection of the cut in the screen in favor of other solutions, for example, extendable selfie camera, as implemented in Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro.

Not excluded the transition to a completely new design, and there is indirect confirmation in June 2019 Apple design chief Jonathan Ive (Jonathan Ive) has left the company. According to the publication The Wall Street Journal, his departure is related to professional burnout and disagreement with the policies of the current Apple CEO Tim cook (Tim Cook) Ive been to the office a couple times a week, often missed meetings of designers and virtually did not participate in the development of new products.

The Eljas Of Casmi, CNews

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