IPhone owners is now difficult to leave your smartphone even for a few hours, because it is used not only for communication and entertainment but also for work. For this reason, it is always frustrating when your iPhone crashes. And in today’s furious pace, few people can afford to go out for a couple of hours with work or to spend a short weekend for the trip to the service center. What to do if your smartphone broke, and to come to the workshop?

The only (and correct) solution in this situation is the departure of the master — he will come at your convenient time and place and fix the iPhone, not knocking you out of the rut. Service centres have long been practicing this service since it is really convenient for the owner of the smartphone, from which almost nothing is required but to give them the address, time, model, and device malfunction.

At the same time, there are also those who are wary of this service. On the network enough information about that field repairs are either Amateurs or scammers. Indeed, for the provision of services for this repair you don’t even have an office, and, accordingly, the customer, in case of any problems, to complain would be nowhere. The second reason for distrust is the price – service centers are greatly overstate the cost of the work, when the repair has been made. In addition, scammers often try to impose a lot of additional unnecessary services. Therefore, the final price may be very different from pre-agreed.

How to protect yourself when ordering services of on-site repair?

It’s pretty simple: you should turn in already proven service center, which has an office in the event of a problem, you know that I will be able to communicate with management or the property directly. For example, you can use the services of a partner AppleInsider.ru service center ModMac which also performs on-site repair services iPhone.

To agree the time and place of the repairs you can in any convenient time. But most importantly — the price of the work at field repair are exactly the sameas if you went to the service center. Especially for all readers AppleInsider.ru leave the master absolutely free!

Even more advantageous would be to repair, if you use the action to replace the original displays on the iPhone, which service center ModMac has recently launched for all readers AppleInsider.ru. So, replace the display on the iPhone 5/5s or iPhone SE just 2 490 rubles, and the price includes work, and the original screen. The action involves and other smartphones from Apple.


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