Useful gadgets for the car!

On 10 and 11 November on AliExpress will be a Grand sale, timed to the world day of shopping. The sale will be made discounts on tens of thousands of products, including a variety of useful gadgets and devices for motorists. In this selection we have collected the most current products for the car that fell the hardest.

DVR Xiaomi

Price: 1 998 RUB (normal price 4 252 rubles).

The most popular DVR on all AliExpress produces the ubiquitous company Xiaomi. The device from the well-known Chinese manufacturer choosing the case. The video recorder records 1080p video and wide angle of 130 degrees. “Regime” set image sensor Sony IMX323, whereby the recording is really good quality. Xiaomi has also used his experience in software development and have created the most convenient system of transmission of the video recorder to your smartphone or computer.

DVR Podofo

Price: 1 078 rubles (normal price 1 858 rubles).

Another popular DVR, which also is at a much lower price. This compact video recorder records video in 1080p with wide angle 140 degree! From the Registrar many different chips, but most interesting, of course, is the night vision function, which enables you to shoot video and when travelling at night.

Charger for smartphone Xiaomi

Price: 645 rubles (regular price is 860 rubles).

One of the most frequently purchased automotive charging devices for smartphones. Gadget from Xiaomi has got two USB ports allowing you to charge two smartphone at the same time. We should also mention the design of the adapter is made in traditional for Xiaomi minimalist style.

Charger for smartphone from Baseus

Price: 174 ruble (regular price 406 rubles).

If you need a cheaper but nevertheless high quality travel adapter for your car, we recommend that you look to this model. This adapter is the most popular on AliExpress and is almost highest rating in nearly 25 thousands of orders. The adapter can also charge two smartphones at the same time.


Price: 999 rubles (regular price 1383 rubles).

Compact, yet powerful car air compressor (12V). The compressor is very easy to use, pumps up tyres really quickly (35 l/min) and has small dimensions, allowing him to find a place in any in the car.


Price: 82 ruble (regular price 187 rubles).

Many motorists decided to carry out General cleaning in the car with the onset of winter. So this year the ritual has become more efficient, you can get here are such a versatile brush which will reach the most remote places.

Cape with heated

Price: 593 ruble (usual price: 986 roubles).

Cool seat cover heated. It should just connect to the cigarette lighter and it will start to work. What distinguishes it from others is the control panel with which you can adjust the power of heating.

Covers for car seats

Price: 2 695 rubles (normal price 4 083 rubles).

Warmed car seats and more luxurious. These are the covers that are available in various colors, made of genuine Australian sheepskin. And it is not an exaggeration of the seller, which is confirmed by satisfied customers.

Braid on the steering wheel

Price: 103 roubles (regular price 234 rubles).

Another winter problem of motorists — cool wheel, which, when severe frosts and even to take does not work. AliExpress offers a simple and, most importantly, beautiful solution — a soft braid on the steering wheel.

Convenient Sebok

Price: 106 roubles (regular price 233 rubles).

If you every winter freezing your hands, atskilliga from the windshield ice, then this device is definitely for you. This is an unusual special scraper with warm glove, into which, obviously, fits the hand. Very simple, but very effective and pleasant to use solution.


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