Xr your iPhone has become the most popular Apple smartphone, and, according to some estimates, is the top selling phone of the year. Despite the price of $ 750 (65 thousand rubles in Russia), sales he is ahead of cheaper models Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. And at the time of the announcement in the Apple, it seems, is not pinned to the phone of hope, and a Xr predicted the fate of the failed iPhone 5c. In the end, the heir to the Xr has become the primary phone of the new line of Apple. “Ribbon.ru” explains why 11 iPhone is the best smartphone at the moment.

In fact the iPhone 11 is slightly improved and updated version of the iPhone Xr. He has the same design, size and weight. Aluminum body and glass front thick frames with cutout for camera and sensors Face ID, and behind the glossy glass. Even charging connector Lightning with off-center bottom end, just like on the iPhone Xr.

Large frame and the unibrow is already cause less rejection and bewilderment of the people. Of course, in 2019, when it can hide the front camera under the screen, it looks outdated. But not this time, now the company has released only minor updates, and some more serious changes will, hopefully, in the next year.

From the real external changes — new colors, dual camera rear, moved to the center of the rear cover of the Apple and remove the labels iPhone from the case. Line of removed blue and coral color, adding new options. Now the lineup is: white, black, yellow, red, green, and purple.

The unlock system in the face Face ID is also not particularly improved. Except that the viewing angle of the sensors has increased, but the speed of response all remained at the same level. Well, you still cannot unlock the phone if it is in landscape orientation. Scanning a fingerprint (neither on the body nor glass) no.

Size and ergonomics is the “Golden mean”. It is not as compact as the iPhone X to Xs and 11 Pro, but not yet “shovel” Pro Max 11. A sort of middle option that is suitable for almost everyone. More iPhone 11 was stronger than the predecessor and is better protected from water with dust up to half an hour at depths up to two meters, while the Xr could be loaded only by half a meter.

The fact that Apple put two cameras in iPhone 11, knew long before the announcement. The dispute was only about what will be the second module: telephoto zoom or swearshirt. In the end the choice fell on the second option, and it’s the right decision. Yet the experience of using the past iPhone has shown that the double zoom is not the most popular option, and is easier to crop the image taken on the main camera. Although for portraits it fits much better than ordinary sensor. In turn, the wide module provides real opportunities and architecture from landscapes to pictures, and some interesting the effect the macro to do, and just a group photo of all fit.

But this ultra-wide camera in the new iPhone plenty of flaws. It has no auto focus, no optical stabilisation, low light sensitivity, it “lubricates” the frame around the edges and adds a vignette. In General, the normal pictures on it can be obtained only with an ideal light either very zamorachivat with postprocessing.

But with the addition of a second camera iPhone 11 better doing portrait shots. In Xr because of one camera photos look often artificial, as the system itself tried to figure out where the edge of the object, which should be left in focus. Besides, it only worked with portraits of people. Now the phone has learned to recognize the depth of space (but still often misses), and in portrait mode you can shoot anything with a blurred background.

In fact, it is the same camera found in iPhone 11 Pro with all the new shooting modes, just without the telephoto. All modules, including the front, able to record video in 4K at 60fps and you can switch between them during video recording (though it works only in 4K 30fps). And from last year’s cameras, they are not much different, just have more possibilities for shooting at night and in other specific scenarios.

Of course, one of the most important innovations was the night mode. The principle of its operation is described in the review of the iPhone 11 Pro, so there is no reason to repeat. In this mode, the phone is pretty neatly lightens the frame, not turning the night into day and creating the effect of artificial light source in front of the subject. If there is enough light and enable night mode manually, then just slightly increase the sharpness of the image.

Soon on iPhone and 11 11 Pro appears Deep Fusion technology that improves detail on photos. Her phone makes eight photographs and, using machine learning combines them into a single frame with maximum clarity. Until the technology is tested, but it is clear that in some cases, even with a twofold approach of ready photos, detail remains high and does not appear “soap”. While shooting with the bad lighting on the final shot appears to have less noise.

In General, to distinguish photos on iPhone Xr and 11, if you disable all software improvements, almost unreal. Sometimes last year’s iPhone handles even better, but it’s already an improvement. Therefore, if to speak about the optics, there is also no great changes, except for the appearance of super wide-angle camera.

On hardware it’s almost an exact copy of the iPhone 11 Pro: Apple A13 processor and four gigabytes of RAM. Now it is the most powerful phone in the world, judging by synthetic tests. However, the speed compared to the iPhone Xr greatly increased, what is the overall merit and last year’s processor, and iOS 13. This increase in capacity needed for image processing from the camera (Deep Fusion and night mode previous iPhone) and as a margin of safety for the future, when the firmware will become even harder.

Unlike 11 Pro c OLED-matrix in the usual 11 installed IPS screen. This is an old topic for debate, but the fact remains that the OLED at higher brightness and contrast, but some people due to the screen flickering on low brightness starting to hurt my eyes and head. IPS have no such problems, and the colors are not as bright. But you have to admire is the IPS-matrix on the market, outstanding natural and high quality picture. The downside can be called unless permission 1792х828 points, that is below FullHD, but with a diagonal the pixel density reaches 326 ppi, so in everyday use do not even notice.

Battery capacity, compared to the Xr, increased by only five percent, so a significant increase in autonomy is not. Apple state that the phone works longer than one hour, but in reality both phones are about the same drain quickly. Yes, it is enough for a whole day of work, but the results 11 Pro Max him very far. There is still support for fast charging, but complete remains of an ancient power supply five watts.

Everything you need to know about iPhone 11, he was affordable and got an ultra-wide angle camera. The rest is about the same iPhone Xr, with slightly faster hardware and some functions, which have no predecessor. And Apple lowered the price on Xr and continue to produce.

To compare the 11 Pro 11 with the usual little sense: these phones are in different categories, where there is an overpayment for parts like stainless steel body, powerful charge complete, the OLED screen and better battery life. If you look specifically, the 11 is almost the same as 11 Pro, but it is worth a half times cheaper. A much more complex question that is better: the iPhone 11 or Xr.

The iPhone 11 is now worth from 60 thousand rubles for a minimal version, and the Xr — 50 thousand. The difference in 10 thousand substantial enough to consider how do I need this wide angle camera and night mode.

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