For many people in the 21st century cash in my pocket – a heavy burden. For example, now without them it is impossible to leave a tip at many restaurants and cafes. Fortunately, this problem is solved by Plazius.

In the fall of 2016 Sberbank has released a special utility that facilitates the campaign for establishments in all modern smartphones. Thanks to it, you can:

  • to leave an online tip waiters;
  • to get cashback from orders;
  • to rasplachivatsya for meals without waiting for the terminal.

To start using Plazius, just download the appropriate app. After registration, customers will be able to map nearby establishments – you can use it at any time to choose a place for Breakfast or lunch.

In cafeterias and restaurants that support the service, the tables should have a special card with a code. On arrival, you must enter it in a special window in the application – thus you can follow your order. If such cards are not, then you need to ask the waiter to scan a special barcode in Plazius.

After eating, you can make a payment without waiting for a staff sufficient to open the utility on your smartphone. There you can leave a tip if desired.

What is especially useful Plazius supports the system of bonus rewards for visiting institutions. The above code allows you to receive points you can later spend to get free meals.

In addition to the cashback and the possibility to leave an online tip, Plazius users can see a detailed history with a listing of all dishes.


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