Feature of WhatsApp that allows you to remove your messages from interlocutors, as it turned out, did not meet my on the iPhone, leaving the sent media on smartphones from Apple. The representatives of the messenger declared that do not consider it a vulnerability.

Recall that the developers have implemented the ability to delete sent the error message to the source two years ago. Since many users do not like this feature.

If you have the wrong addressee, WhatsApp gives you 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds disposal for all participants of the chat.

However, in the case of iPhone messenger does not delete the media stored on the smartphone. If the participants use Android, mistakenly sent files are deleted from the device.

Privacy issue found by the researcher Sites Sachan, consultant in the field of security applications.

The bug manifests itself in the case where the receiver using iPhone, installed WhatsApp settings default to store the received media files on the device. It should be noted that these settings rarely change.

The security team WhatsApp has stated to the expert that the above function is intended to remove the chat message. And to insure against various non-standard situations — save files manually, remove the screenshot of the chat — she can’t.

A similar bug was recently discovered off of its main competitor WhatsApp — Telegram. It turned out that the recipient can view the contents of a message even after it is deleted.

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