Apple is not going to rush.

Apple created the first iPhone-enabled networks of the fifth generation, the mass deployment of which around the world will begin from 2019. According to reliable sources research company Fast Company, Apple released the first iPhone with support for 5G in 2020.

In iPhone sample 2020 will be installed 5G modem Intel 8161, done on 10-nanometer process technology. Now Intel actively modify the modem, including receiving feedback from Apple. Apple complain that iPhone prototypes with 5G modem Intel 8161 overheat, and quite seriously.

With this, and for the intention of Apple to release the iPhone 5G in the year of 2020. The company plans to provide customers with the best user experience and to ensure that due to the presence of 5G modem iPhone will not overheat and rapidly losing battery power.

Intel claim that the problem will be solved. It is known that other producers 5G modems have similar difficulties. However, manufacturers of Android smartphones already announced output models 5G. However, at the moment to benefit from superfast Internet access on these smartphones is not possible as a commercial 5G network not yet deployed.


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