Most of the users acknowledged the complaints absurd.

488 users iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS iPhone Max complained to Apple on the frequent accidental activation of the flashlight from the lock screen. About the complaints say all the leading foreign media, so Apple will notice them. Thousands of other users of the new iPhone models fear that Apple may remove a great feature for such a small number of complaints.

The essence of the complaints users iPhone X and iPhone XS is that the power button of the flashlight on the lock screen can be pressed randomly. For example, when a person pulls out an iPhone from his pocket.

Despite the minor problems and a small number of complaints, it drew the attention of the mainstream media, including USA Today. The publication wrote that the flashlight on the iPhone X and iPhone XS turns on “by itself”. In fact, we are talking about negligence, which individual users accidentally press the button. After the publication USA Today other major media have told his readers about this issue, but with a much more catchy headlines, like “iPhone XS are suffering.”

Most users iPhone X and iPhone XS believe that there is no problem with frequent random inclusions no flashlight. Moreover, they fear that Apple could go on about the unhappy, and to exclude the extremely convenient feature of smartphones.

Apple currently has not commented on the situation.

Source: usatoday.


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