Rostelecom offers to subscribe to a collection and Wink to the home and mobile Internet as a gift. Ubiquitous access to the network will allow to watch content on any device, anytime and anywhere. In the framework of the campaign “All together”, which will last until the end of January 2020 can be connected in the package “entertainment everywhere” three services for the price of one.

For 680 rubles per month to a rich collection of content from international falls, the subscriber receives home Internet at maximum speeds, mobile phones with unlimited calls to numbers within the network and the Internet. For participants, there are special conditions on equipment rental.

Wink is a digital platform experiences that combines all the benefits of interactive television and online cinema. When subscribing, all TV and video content is available on all screens: home television (via a TV set-top box, apps in Smart TV, Apple TV and Android TV), smartphone or tablet (use the mobile apps for Android and iOS), laptop and PC (using the portal

For new promotions created a collection of the best TV and kinsellagh content. The TV part is represented by more than 180 items, including the most popular Russian non-terrestrial channels. TV channels for every age, taste and interests: 40 channels movies and serials, 15 children, 13 — athletic, 35 — educational, 25 — music. Just Wink is available in the UFC TV channels (dedicated to the well-known and respected in the world Association of mixed martial arts) and Eurosport Gold (with the most famous tennis tournament in the world).

In the action library includes more than 3,000 films and episodes of TV series from different genres, countries and years, a popular Russian action movies and TV series of recent years from the leading domestic studios, movies and cartoons for children. By the way, with the service “Parental control” you can configure the limits for viewing content with age marks.

For most of the TV channels and all the video content available in the preview: pause, rewind and viewing from the beginning. You can download a movie or show in the app to watch it offline, e.g. on the way to work. You can start to watch a movie on your home TV and continue on your smartphone and save viewing position.

“Even in the digital age, we need simple human experience and vivid emotions. Today with digital technology they can deliver to any screen and in any place. Requirements for the quality and diversity of media content are constantly growing. Wink as we develop a digital platform experiences, in which he combined the best of digital TV and online-cinema and added many interactive features. In a Wink, everyone can find entertainment according to interest: to watch a good Comedy or
good action movie, favorite TV channel HD, cartoon or educational tape,” said Vice-President for work with mass segment of “Rostelecom” Diana samoshkina.

Detailed information about the campaign is the sale or lease of subscriber equipment are available on the website or phone 8-800-100-0-800. Connect services is possible in the presence of technical possibilities

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