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IPhone and iPad users are increasingly asking the question of when Apple plans to release the final version of iOS 12.2. In our group in “Vkontakte” do not go a day without, so that users did not ask about the release of the second major iOS updates 12. Told about when to expect iOS 12.2 in this material.

iOS 12.2 is the second major iOS update 12. However, despite the status of a large number of major innovations in IOS no. In beta versions of iOS 12.2 noted: four new animaze for iPhone with Face ID, a new system of blocking ads in Safari, the updated interface page “On device” and other small innovations.

A key change in iOS 12.2 is the support of applications developed on a new version of the application language Swift 5. These applications, which will appear in the App Store right after the release of iOS 12.2, occupying considerably less space in the iPhone memory and runs significantly faster.

So when will iOS 12.2? It will be long. Apple to release iOS 12.2 at the end of March, most likely after the presentation on March 25.

On this date the release of iOS 12.2 indicates not only the upcoming Apple presentation. Just look at the previous major firmware Apple:

  • Beginning testing of iOS 12.2: 24 Jan 2019. The release of iOS 12.2: end of March 2019.
  • Beginning testing of iOS 11.3: January 24, 2018. The release of iOS 11.3: March 29, 2018.
  • Beginning testing of iOS 10.3: January 24, 2017. The release of iOS 10.3: March 27, 2017.

Date of start of testing iOS 12.2 and preparing presentation Apple directly indicate that iOS 12.3 will be released according to the standard scheme at the end of March.


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