When to expect iOS 13? Said.

On the news that in iOS 13 will be the long-awaited dark theme and many other innovations, the iPhone and iPad users are increasingly asking the question about when the update is released. In this article talked about when you should wait for iOS 13.

When will iOS 13

IOS release date 13 September 2019.

But right now, you can be more precise. The new version of iOS usually comes 10-12 days after the presentation of the new iPhone models. In most cases, the new iOS comes out on Friday.

The most probable date of the presentation of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR 2019 called September 10. If this information is confirmed, then iOS 13 will be available for installation users on 20 September.

When will iOS presentation 13

Date of presentation iOS 13 — June 2019.

Apple introduced iOS 13 the first day of the developer conference WWDC 2019. With the date of the presentation of iOS 13, too, can be more accurate.

Given the dates of previous WWDC, we can predict that WWDC 2019 will be held on 3 June. Thus, the probable date of the presentation of iOS 13 is June 3, 2019.

Note that immediately after the presentation of iOS 13 Apple launched the first beta version of the firmware. It will be available initially only to registered developers, but if you want to install the firmware will work for all users.

This means that if you will strongly want to install iOS 13 without waiting for the release, this can be done in early June. However, installing beta versions used in the daily mode the iPhone and iPad is not recommended, it is necessary to remember.


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