New release date from insiders.

For several months there are rumors about Apple’s plans to launch wireless headphone 2 AirPods. Moreover, recent leaks have indicated that Apple may launch the AirPods 2 until end of 2018. But think so not all. According to three insiders who have pointed to sources in Apple, wait 2 AirPods this year is not necessary.

The presentation on 30 October, Apple did not provide AirPods 2 despite the abundance of prerequisites for this. After the presentation, the experts stated that Apple has almost finished work on the headphones, and intend to run them on sale for the winter holiday season. It was reported that the company wants to stimulate sales of new items.

But after the first rumors about the release of AirPods 2 until end of 2018 longer appeared no reliable information about the headphones. According to news reports insiders, this is because Apple has no plans to release AirPods 2 in the next two months.

The company plans to introduce headphones only following a full presentation. It can pass in the spring of 2019. In addition, the announcement of AirPods 2 may be delayed until the summer of 2019 and traditional WWDC.


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