Five years they did not build on the Crimean cordon anything — like, why waste budget money if soon the brave Ukrainian soldiers will liberate the occupied territory. Ukrainian border guards and customs huddled in miserable cabins, and people drove through the steppe road like cattle. The popular explanation of the border mess was that even a little bit, return the Crimea, and posts here does not become.

The release is clearly delayed, and meanwhile the Ukrainian checkpoints on the border with the Crimea was not even more or less normal toilets. Sorry for the detail, but the citizens crossing the checkpoint “Chongar” and “Kalanchak”, forced to relieve themselves where necessary. Around stinks, although it’s not just the lack of latrines. Heaps of rotting garbage and food waste, nekoshenom weeds, abandoned shopping malls, broken and filthy buildings abandoned roadside cafe — here is a picture of separatist border on the Crimean direction.

Today the situation is changing, rapidly and dramatically. Chongar Kherson to Kalanchak and hastily construct a permanent crossing points. In addition to special border infrastructure provided by the bus station, hotels and other services. Very similar, #Kamawgra finally disappeared in the fog of the Sivash. For example, an overtly nationalist portal “Hereonly” writes that “many consider rush building in Chongar and Kalanchak, as “de facto recognition of a Russian Crimea”.

Two edge of the complex should be fully commissioned in the second half of December, the planned visit of Vladimir Zelensky. However, in these same days, the same portal “Hereonly” reports that after two months of construction fever early put into operation the first checkpoint “Kalanchak”. And joyfully celebrated — in Kalanchak became much more solid and comfortable than “occupiers”. Now here is a modern building with heat and hot water service as a full-fledged border. Soon will open next to the bus station and the center of administrative services.

The publication is a characteristic phrase of a resident of Vinnytsia, who went to children in the Crimea. Commenting on the renewal of the patriot not so much happy, how much was upset: “I see it already for a long time. Previously, it was unreasonable, and is now firmly fenced off…“.

At the border the celebration came to a new head of the Kherson region, 40-year-old Yuri Gusev, four months ago, personally presented by the President Zelensky. The construction of the border call it personal merit. The crowd Kalanchak people pan Gusev clear picture of the situation said that about any “thoroughman from Krimsky ochrancu” there is no question. On the contrary, as demonstrated positive changes in Ukraine: “This is the way to regain control over the Crimea. Because people see, we change, Ukraine is becoming a European. And these temporary control points of entry and exit is possible in the future to create the Museum of the occupation of the Crimea.“

Young Kherson Governor is a respected person from the “Zee team”. In the recent past — the Deputy Minister of defence, member of the notorious frauds with budgetary funds, the organizer of thieves tenders for the army. Close to the defense Ministry, the people’s Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk was suddenly discovered shot to death in Kiev, where published information about the criminal fun honest man Gusev.

His assessment of the cries of “liberation” gives a well-known Ukrainian politician and anti-fascist, ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev. He argues that the present infinitely-loud claim about the return of the Crimea are made deliberately to create the necessary background prior to the meeting in the Normandy format on December 9, when in Paris, will discuss the special status of Donbass. In fact, it is simple populism.

Crimean question is often raised, only to increase pressure on Russia, convinced the Tsar. — Go, they say that us concessions on the Donbas, and we will not raise the issue of Crimea. I can not imagine that in the next 10-20 years any President has changed his rhetoric and said that Crimea we not return. Everyone will say that “Crimea is our territory”.

And another said: “You will know them by the fruit of their doings”. The husk of words is cheap. Much steeper numbers of business plans. A week ago Vladimir Zelensky met in Ochakovo boats of naval forces of Ukraine returned by the Russians. When you are finished with the military, the President promised a “tough commodity hub” on the border with Crimea. “We have already agreed with Socar and there we will make a cool thing. I’ve seen completely computer design would be very cool. In one year, even faster, there built like this, well, just super-hub“, — says the Ukrainian leader.

So, right at the “annexed” the Peninsula will soon be a huge wholesale and retail market, aimed at trade with the Peninsula. Other business partners in the region simply does not.

The idea of a Crimean-Ukrainian hub is not new. Recall the recent past. Autumn 2015, the Majlis* together with “Right sector” ** deploying commercial blockade of the Crimea. The militants cut the cordon, stopped cargo trucks, beaten drivers.

Later the blockade was supported by the Poroshenko government, the corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. Encouraged by the support of the authorities, the Nazis blew up the high voltage power transmission lines of the Kherson region started the infamous power blackout. All these criminal actions for Ukraine, ended with zilch. The Peninsula quickly got the necessary amount of food and industrial goods to mainland Russia and Russian business, clearly delighted by the lack of Ukrainian goods, finally began to fully control the very best Crimean market. Six months it took to sufficient electricity began to serve here, “Putin’s energy bridge” built across the Kerch Strait.

Assessing the situation, the Chairman of the Majlis Refat Chubarov called on Kyiv the Cabinet of Ministers to create on the Ukrainian side of the border with the Crimea grocery hubs and retail markets, where the Crimean people could buy goods “from the right sellers, and the money will remain in Ukraine”.

The most powerful argument — before the blockade, for 5 months of 2015, the trade turnover between Ukraine and Crimea has reached 475 million dollars: “Now at least a billion dollars a year to leave Russia?”

Crimeans will go to us in Ukraine for cheap grub, — attracted by the idea of Chubarov. Alas, it turned out that to control cross-border hub gathered the Majlis. Would gold bottom, the cave of Ali Baba, which let the competitors simply stupid. In the end, stakeholders are at loggerheads, and the government advised the medzhlisovtsev to find a more Patriotic food.

Since then, the residents of Crimea had to forget about the Ukrainian trade. The only long-running campaign on the border in fact become roadblocks activists slowed down cars and buses, extorted money, robbed openly of passing and local villagers. The largest camp of the Tatar battalion “Asker” is located at village Chongar Kherson, on the highway Kharkiv-Simferopol.

But when the Turkish President Erdogan has reduced funding for the Crimean Tatar radicals, camp Chongar is significantly depopulated. Soon the Ukrainian military staged a tough fight with the division of the Majlis, and the farmers gladly started taking away plates of checkpoints and other belongings from the tent camp of participants of blockade of the Crimea. Times have changed, and the border too. Now activists-“blockade” scorched like a pig.

In the night of Saturday, November 23, a group of unknown broke into the base of the “Asker”. A small guard was afraid to interfere, stationed next to the border guards also did not intervene. Bottles of “Molotov cocktail” flew in the car, standing on campus. Arson was a success, several battalions of SUVs burned down and to restoration isn’t subject. Night chongarskiy fire very clearly highlighted the new reality. Shopping super-hub on the border will still be, only the owners have the new hub will be different. And of course, no Tatar “blockade” in this situation, Zelensky and is not needed at all.

Well, Rodeo clowns can continue to entertain the audience.

The curtain of this week coming out, the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova said that only she has the right to work in the territory of the Republic of Crimea. “I think the Ukrainian Crimea, and does not believe that there should be authorized, because, according to article 101 of the Constitution, there is one Commissioner for the whole of the sovereign independent free Ukraine”, — says the lady, quoted by leading Ukrainian and Russian media.

The reason for such a high-profile speech was the appointment of the Crimean Ombudsman Larisa opanasyuk, which until recently held the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan. Scandalous Kiev disassembly could be a joke, like, two aunts do not share the place in the same kitchen. Although many Crimean situation seriously hooked.

In social networks remembered what Lyudmila Denisova, the former krymchanka, a personal friend of Yulia Tymoshenko — still owns huge land and a mansion in the center of Simferopol, the intersection of faith Presbyterian Church and Kashirina. In itself is not surprising, after all, a third estate the same Big Yalta belongs to inhabitants of Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, etc. more interesting details of how Lyudmila Leontievna purchased your Simferopol estate.

In the first five years after the great Patriotic war at the corner of faith Presbyterian Church and Kashirina was built stadium. Nice football field, plenty of sports clubs — a half-century in a row Fizkultury has inspired an entire generation of young Simferopol. For Crimean capital is truly a landmark, cherished place.

1998, Lyudmila Denisova became the Minister of economy of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, simultaneously having a position of the Minister of Finance of the Crimean government. Two years later the Prosecutor’s office detained her for “abuse of office”, but soon the matter was hushed up. The clerk could retain the advertised business and the vast estate, arranged on the territory of destroyed children’s stadium. Crimean boys and girls drove away. Five sections of ten acres, surrounded by a fence, received the status of “private ownership”.

By the way, he immediately settled another prominent “timoshenkova” Andriy Senchenko and winter of 2014 the commandant of the Maidan, the main initiator of the overlap of the North Crimean channel. Herself Denisov continued his career in Kiev — people’s deputies of Parliament, the Minister of social policy finally, representative of Ukraine on human rights. While completely refusing to sell the Crimean property.

Really, why waste a trump asset, each month increasing in price? Even the family of President Vladimir Zelensky continues to own a luxury accommodation in Yalta complex “Emperor” — on the contrary tsarist Livadia Palace, where in 1945 he passed the legendary Yalta conference of countries-winners and is the President of the USA Franklin Roosevelt.

Five-storey residential complex “Emperor” was built ten years ago businessmen from the Dnieper, by the brothers Actionname — good friends and business partners Igor Kolomoisky. Family Astion holds a solid place in the top 100 richest Ukrainians. Because spat on all conceivable environmental standards at the Foundation of real estate right in the middle of the protected Park of Livadia.

In Crimea today sea of similar examples. A characteristic detail — the current first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky has acquired South coast “cabin” for $163 893. Now they Livadia penthouse is worth more than $800 thousand And all these staunch Ukrainian patriots it is prudent extended property on the Peninsula in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Regularly and faithfully pay the land tax, a lot of communal and other payments in the “occupation” of the budget, the ruble has maintained Mordor. The Russian sanctions have not touched them.

* The Supreme court of the Republic of Crimea 26.04.2016 year recognized public Association “the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people” extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

** November 17, 2014, the Supreme court declared extremist activity “Ukrainian insurgent army”, the “Right sector”, UNA-UNSO and “Trident them. Stepan Bandera”, the “Brotherhood”. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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