We’re not even asking for this interview — the Chinese came to us and themselves, in exchange for information about the “inner workings” Huawei, asked only one thing — anonymity. So we covered almost all of the biographical trace in the words of our interlocutor, in some places I replaced “we” with “they” and ask to call him “a source close to Huawei”. He who has ears, let him hear what we’re saying.

The Chinese side to understand — if revealed who he really is, the company fired not even a single person, and a pack of permanent employees. But for us the main thing — not the names of, and awareness.

And, of course, you have every right to argue that this “prostitute-journalists wrote the fake and give him a sensation” — we don’t even have to remove such assumptions from the comments to the article. Just if later you find that information from the words of our Chinese friend comes true, come back here in the comments, and repent.

The interview was long, cut and throw a few pearls we don’t want, so the material will come in several parts. This is the first.

Why Huawei pretends that nothing happened and do nothing?

So what do You want to know?

Questions I have many, but they all boil down to one thing — why Huawei behaves like an ostrich, utknuvshis in the sand? Where specific actions in response to sanctions and “backstabbing” from recent friends who shook the hands of the representatives of Huawei?

What actions would you like to see? “Gruel”?. I will disappoint You — in China things that way for a long time nobody decides.

Nobody expects additional inflating of scandal — people just want to be the representative of Huawei has announced a press conference, announced into the microphone “we now have Android and not ARM processors, so instead of Android we go into-he’s on that system, and the processors we have now are here such”. And that’s all! Why is this not happening?

Because there is something much more important. First, the negotiations continue. And not only with Google but also with the U.S. government. Until then, none of the top Manager of Huawei will not open the mouth, so as not to spoil the agreements that the two States are now trying to achieve at the highest level.

And secondly, the founder of Huawei Ren Zhenfei have long made a statement in which said main — Sanctions against Huawei — politicized initiative of the United States, the charges unsubstantiated — the US is trying to provoke China into an aggressive response — this will begin an economic “war of all against all”, which benefits no one.

Do you really think that somebody from the company after these theses come out on stage and will tell you that “actually all not so, and I’m a genius and that’s what I think about this”? We have since been made.

It’s the lyrics, with which everyone seems that Huawei doesn’t know how to proceed, and goes with the flow

Seriously? Preparing to sanctions by the U.S. Huawei has begun, God forbid memory, 10 years ago. And understanding that Huawei does not need the Americans alive even as a result of acquisitions, came in 2003. I will remind you that 16 years ago, Huawei tried to sell American Motorola for funny (like these companies) $7.5 billion But the Americans first said that they at the moment are available for such absorption of funds, and then called them, where necessary, and they abruptly changed their minds. But from this point on in the direction of the Huawei first flew lawsuits and sanctions, which continue to this day.

Sanctions has the perfect cure is to stop portraying the pride, to admit guilt, pay a fine and move on. Proven ZTE
“Live” — it says loudly. I would prefer to use the word “to exist at death.”

But the fact is that the US does not need repentance Huawei in any form. And even cell phones, around which there is the main shriek in the press, they are not too interesting. You need to look wider.

Why the US declared war Huawei really?

It is impossible to feel in the hands, or apply for a selfie, so no one cares, but the main reason for the war against Huawei — the Telecom market in General, and for 5G-networks in particular.

The fact that the US with all its money and concentration of “qualified professionals” per square meter is more and more lagging behind in the technology of construction of cellular networks and equipment for them.

Once long ago the Americans were unattainable cool on the Telecom market. The company of Alexander Graham bell, one of the inventors of the telephone, Bell System, was huge. When the US government crushed it into small companies, not to become the hostage of the monopolies of the Bell System degenerated AT&T and Verizon, the largest mobile operators in the United States, and later formed and Lucent, then turned to Alcatel-Lucent. Was still in its composition and other Telecom — the canadian Nortel, for example, but they died when bet on CDMA, and the whole world have relied on the GSM-connection.

Then what? I mean, who wants to open an international trade war only for the sake of some office sold more cell towers?

No really, listen. In the pioneering era of cellular communications and up to 2G, inclusive of the USA were the kings of this technology, and China is not even on the horizon flashed. The Chinese students considered the highest honor to get on probation in the United States and work for the good of the American economy and American Telecom subsequently.

In the era of 3G are all “eaten” Qualcomm — he was at various times 40% to 60% of patents for this type of communication and “chocolate” life with contributions in these patents. But in the 4G era, Qualcomm lost its position to 30% of the patents, and the upcoming 5G…

…lost the patent race Huawei?


And that’s why at Huawei do not even have to apply for an old American tradition to court and engage in patent trolling. Because guts and Huawei itself who want Satellit. But all decided to not market methods — whispered in the ear of politicians that “the homeland is in danger!”, and they are happy to try.

That is, after all explosive trump is to blame?

If tomorrow, trump will be replaced by, for example, Biden, nothing will change — the sanctions against Huawei just no relieve.

Because US can not lose, especially in the technological race.

Now the world has become closer: the development of networks of engaged in a joint venture of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent are competing with Ericsson, from the strongest Chinese competitors Huawei, others outside the U.S. do not make the weather. And the Americans there is only Qualcomm that “depressed” and losing ground. The role played by the factor that the Chinese government has not allowed Qualcomm “cut” a heightened pace of Chinese manufacturers of mobile phones. In General, conflict has been brewing for a long time.

Why neither the United States nor Huawei are not going to retreat?

And why the US can’t just say “to hell with him! Let it be the foreign network!”. They’re resigned to the fact that American car manufacturer Chrysler is now Italian and partly commanded by Fiat?

5G is not just the network. This link is where you will largely stay modern civilization. Self-driving cars, home electronics, medical equipment, security systems, traffic, ATMs, Smart TV, lawn mowers, factories — all this will either be directly affected or to consult in their work with servers with the help of 5G networks. And ready to buy equipment for the deployment of these networks will be the one who will give good performance at a reasonable price. Chinese manufacturers in this regard, out of competition.

Imagine such a picture? Now imagine how many patent royalties Apple would have to put in the pocket of Huawei for 5G in its current form for the most part developed by the Chinese? Now think about how many US companies that are smaller than Apple, but still will use 5G? Dependence on China the us government fears the most, and here’s the result.

Trump, of course, never an engineer, so he believes that it is possible to say: “the Internet, stop! One-two!”, and I am sure that it will work. In practice, the world is now arranged much more difficult, too many companies in different countries are interconnected, and trump is already feeling the consequences of the fact that he shot himself in the foot.

You are telling things like Russian TV, which only knows how to repeat: “Against us imposed sanctions, and it is good — Oh how we grow stronger!”. Even though in reality it does not say.

You are looking at the situation wrong. The problem is that even public attacks on Huawei are not enough to companies have started to think about what they’re next on the list.

Yes, and people have a short memory. And I will remind you that when the Americans did not like the dominance of the Japanese chip and computer accessories, the securities Commission of the USA have tested the Toshiba, and the test was so successful that the Japanese paid a huge fine, and then was forced to sell its plant for the production of memory chips.

Or can you recall how the United States has arrested on its territory the Director of the largest company Alstom (energy and railway transport, France)? accused the French in collusion with the Malaysians, the Director sent to jail, and then impose fines and sanctions as long as Alstom didn’t sell… Who? Right! American Corporation General Electric! It seems to me that and sanctions against Deutsche Bank, when one of the largest banks in the world received a fine from America size in 83% of their capitalization, and then almost died, this is not an accident.

Do you really think that after all this Huawei surrender to the mercy of the United States?

Incidentally, the daughter of the founder of the company, Meng Wanzhou, is still under arrest, so I doubt that Huawei will be enough fighting spirit to actively resist America under such “hostage”

Well, first, not under arrest, but under house arrest. She lives at home with her husband and child in Canada, and fabricated a case against her slowly crumbles in the hands of the investigation. I heard You in Russia, too, periodically happening to the clumsy attempts of authorities to convict people on orders from above.

If there is no resonance, a man quietly “Packed” and sent to jail. In the case of man Wanzhou resonance turned out huge, so her innocence would soon be proven — it is already possible to speak as a fait accompli.

I understand that “there is a national war, a sacred war.” And agrees that no construction of cell towers in the U.S. somehow can live. But what will you do now without the Android, and even processors for smartphones?

I told you that Huawei has long prepared for this and things are much better than journalists can imagine…

Here is a link to the second part of the interview as soon as it is ready

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