All details about buying an iPhone XS in Hong Kong.

Not everyone knows, but in Hong Kong one of the cheapest iPhone in the world. The price of Apple is very different compared to Russia or Europe for the better. Therefore, tourists who visit Hong Kong, often going home with a shiny new Apple device. In this article talked about how much are new iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone in Hong Kong where is the best place to buy smartphones and what stores should be avoided.

Prices for XS iPhone in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong some of the lowest prices on Apple equipment in the world. It is better to buy Apple devices in the US and Japan.

iPhone XS

  • iPhone XS 64 GB — 8 599 HKD (72 073 rubles).
  • iPhone XS 256GB — 9 899 Hong Kong dollars (82 964 rubles).
  • iPhone XS 512GB — 11 599 HKD (97 of 211 rubles).

iPhone XS Max

  • iPhone XS Max 64 GB — 9 499 Hong Kong dollars (79 611 rubles).
  • iPhone XS Max 256 GB — 10 799 Hong Kong dollars (90 roubles 506).
  • iPhone XS Max 512GB — 12 499 Hong Kong dollars (104 754 rubles).

XS iPhone with 64 GB of memory can be bought in Hong Kong for 72 thousand rubles. For comparison, in Russia this model costs 87 990 rubles for 16 thousand rubles more expensive. The more expensive iPhone model, the greater becomes the difference. For example, the iPhone XS Max with 512 GB of memory in Hong Kong from 23 thousand rubles cheaper.

That is why Russia gets really big party, “gray” iPhone from Hong Kong.

That is very important to know when buying an iPhone in Hong Kong?

All who will be in Hong Kong and will have to buy the iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max as advantageous as possible, you should know one important point.

Don’t look for iPhone with big discounts in small shops.

The fact that the prices for Apple equipment in Hong Kong is minimal. They are slightly different from those established in the United States and Japan. This means that no “gray” and much iPhone available in Hong Kong simply could not be. There is no country where you can bring iPhone to Hong Kong and it will be much cheaper.

In the small shops offer the newest iPhone at significantly reduced prices. And, of course, these smartphones are with any defect or restored version.

Remember that a discount of 15-20 thousand rubles can not be formed by itself, it’s simply impossible.

Where to buy iPhone XS in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong have discovered six official Apple stores. Since Hong Kong is a small country, with the availability of branded Apple store problems should arise.

Note: for clarity, every Apple store is shown on the map.

Apple ifc mall

Address: international financial center.

Apple’s New Town Plaza

Address: shopping Mall New Town Plaza 1.

Apple Festival Walk

Address: Tat Chee Avenue, 80.

Apple apm Hong Kong

Address: apm shopping Mall.

Apple Canton Road

Address: shopping Mall The Toy House.

Apple’s Causeway Bay

Address: the Mall Hysan Place.

Whether iPhone XS from Hong Kong to work in Russia

In Hong Kong officially sold iPhone XS model number XS A9120 and iPhone Max with model number A1921. Exactly the same presented on the American market.

In both cases, however, the Russian users to worry about. iPhone XS iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong support a range of links 5 and 7 used by Russian operators.

Thus, when buying iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max in Hong Kong, using a smartphone in Russia will not have problems.


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