The website is a showcase of many companies, especially those that develop digital products. And if the site is done correctly, if it has user friendly interface and has a trendy design, then the money invested in the development of such a quality resource that will pay off quickly. But where the book is the development of a quality website that will attract customers, because there are so many studios that promises speed on the level of the top resources and design are not worse than Apple? Today we will talk about the Studio “”, which is not a newcomer to the market of digital solutions, working for 21 years and during that time has developed more than 100 thousand sites.

The advantages of “” 1. Work under the contract with the guarantee and responsibility of the contractor. So you’re protected from missed deadlines, poor quality work and other problems arising in the cooperation with many other studios. Well, if you’re unhappy with the quality of work performed, you will return the money. 2. Design for every taste. In the directory “” contains more than 10 thousand works. 3. Low prices. The cost of website development starts from 2 950 rubles, and online stores from 11 950 rubles. 4. Professional support. When you order website development for your project will be assigned by the Manager. In addition, you will be available a free telephone support 7 days a week. 5. A full range of services. “” you can order not only development of the site, but advertising and SEO, as well as the creation of logo and corporate style. 6. Charity. Studio “” — one of the few who creates free websites for non-profit charitable organizations. And this is only part of the advantages of the Studio. And now more about the services of “”. View the Studio’s portfolio of “” →

Website development

“” is developing several types of sites. If you need a simple single page website, then you can order a card site, which will allow you to describe one product or service. The development and launch of this website not take much time. Also, the Studio offers development of landing pages, database designer, which allows you to add new blocks, edit and delete, invert the colors and sort them. The cost of the landing page includes more than thirty options of page block, six selling modules for free for ninety days, maintenance-free throughout the year and technical support. For more professional purposes you can use the service of developing a business website. The cost of this project will include fifteen different modules, SEO panel to advance resource, a private domain registration in Yandex and Google, system access control, technical support and a year of placement of the site on the Internet. Also, the price includes accommodation for up to ten pages of your information. To order the development of the business website →

And, of course, “” developing Internet-shops, which include product catalog, integration with more than 60 payment systems, delivery extension, export-import, notifications, discounts and coupons accommodation for up to 5 thousand products with the ability to increase to 55 thousand, the unloading of goods in “Yandex. Market”, a study of client order history and so on. Also you will be available to the control store and SMS notifications about orders. As a gift you will get a domain in the zone ru, Russia or the su, the choice and hosting for one year as a gift. Online store from the “” will include all the necessary modules that will allow you to start profiting almost immediately after the launch of the site. To order the development of an online store →

Note that you can not only order the development of a unique website, but choose one from a catalog. It’s cheaper and faster, and this service will appeal to those businessmen who had to start the site “yesterday”. The same applies to design. “” offers not only a unique design but also ready-made solutions.


Without promotion even the most convenient and beautiful site does not pay for itself. Studio “” offers a full range of services for advertising on the Internet. Using the Studio you will be able to optimize your website in accordance with the requirements of search systems (analysis and selection of relevant keywords pertaining to the subject site, revision of texts, SEO-optimization and design of pages in selling style), promote the site online and create an ad campaign in “Yandex. Direct”, Google AdWords, and all social networks. Forming an advertising campaign, “” analyzes the budget, the number and quality of ads and landing pages your competitors on the basis of this information is an effective promotion. All this will bring your site in the TOP 10. Order website promotion →

Logo and corporate identity

So your company has become recognizable, it is necessary to develop a quality logo and corporate identity. Studio “” offers three types of logos: the development of a unique logo, a revision of your logo or logo of choice from a catalog. The cost of the logo starts from 3 900 rubles. If you need a corporate identity, “” will develop complex graphics and colors, designed in the same style of products of your company. To order a logo design and corporate identity →

Affiliate program

You can earn with the Studio “”. You can participate in an affiliate program and lead clients in the Studio. For each client you will get reward from 25 to 44% of the value of the bought website, as well as to 11% of all ordered by the client of additional works on site. Affiliate Studio program consists of five levels, and the higher the partner level, the greater the percentage of compensation. Thus, you can earn up to 5 thousand rubles for each client. “” has made a mobile app for Android and iOS to work with the affiliate program was more convenient. Learn more about the affiliate program from “” →

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