The Analytical center for the government on 31 July to discuss the creation of the Russian registry of software that may be required to pre-installs on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other devices. About this newspaper “Izvestia”. This idea was earlier proposed by the FAS. She advocated that the Russian was predustanavlivat along with the soft global companies. The problem, however, is how to treat the Apple?

Apple has developed system applications, an entire ecosystem. It includes voice assistant, music, Apple TV, Apple Radio, podcasts and more. IT-giant is not allows you to download a competitor’s app that intersect with its own. The same assistant Alice you IPhone on put can not system “Apple” of protection to nil. Please remember to use Siri. Rare exceptions — for example, radio application whose developers agree in advance with the App Store. Comments General Director of the analytical Agency Telecom daily Denis Pieces.

Denis Kuskov, General Director of information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily, “Apple is in the first position, because it’s a closed system, and they post only what you have yourself. And include ON obscure certain things, here, these, all sorts — “dance with tambourines” our members — they are very harmful to the market for the reason that — well, it would be foolish to lose such a player like Apple”.

Of course, there are examples when Apple goes to some concessions. For example, in the United Arab Emirates banned the app for visual FaceTime calls. The key to Apple’s market — Chinese — all sea restrictions. In China your monopoly search engine Baidu, its related services, censorship. But even in China, there are only lock some features and restrictions on preset no, says editor in chief of AppleInsider Renat Grishin.

Renat Grishin editor in chief of AppleInsider “Nowhere is that Apple is simply not allowed to install any apps, or would go on about legislation in order for these applications to install. In China everything is different, because the Chinese Internet is isolated from the General Internet. Today in China, of course there are limitations, but these limitations are related to the work of the services within the country. This does not mean that getting a Chinese phone if you turn it on, then there will be some apps that are not installed on the other IPhone. Now, if “the government wants and Apple will have to do something” — of course, not necessary, because this requires relevant laws. Even if it is theoretically possible there is some anti-monopoly Committee to go into confrontation with Apple and say, “let’s you are going to preinstall apps”, this period of trials may be released in a few years, before Apple to force itself to do something on your own operating system”.

How will Apple do if the FAS’s initiative is still held? In this respect it will not differ from that of Google, which prefers to pay the fines and not to follow the laws. Continues the blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov.

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of YouTube channel Wylsacom “Apple, which, in principle, not presets application the last few years very much leads branding strategy on the fact that she is very worried about the privacy of user data. Pre Russian little BY little contradicts such statements. I think it will be from Apple received negatively. But at the same time, the company has experience with the local legislation. Of course, Apple — I don’t think considering the option of leaving our market in the case of such initiatives. And “the severity of Russian law by not having kompensiruet execution.” Plus, Apple could go to court, really. If she thinks that some of her interests are affected”.

Offers FAS can have Android, which is in the order of things reset “Yandex. Search”. However, Apple policy they did not fit. On the one hand, the Russian market is not as large, to dictate the terms of IT giants. On the other — small enough that Apple decided to walk away.

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