Guide to choosing a suitable model iPhone in 2019.

“Which iPhone to buy?” a frequent question fans of Apple technology, particularly among those in the last couple of years confused in relative diversity of models of iPhone. If you are not sure which iPhone is worth buying in 2019, this material will definitely help you to decide. When you select the iPhone, a lot depends on the capabilities of the buyer and his requirements to the smartphone. In this article we have covered all the most common criteria by which to make a choice your model iPhone will most.

If not enough money

IPhones in Russia, the cheaper reluctant, but positive changes do occur, despite the many internal factors, such as the recent increase in VAT (read more). And because of these trends there are still models of the iPhone, which can be called quite affordable. But what is very important, these models are definitely not obsolete.

First of all, we are talking about the iPhone SE. To buy the new version of the smartphone with 32 GB of memory can be quite adequate for the price of 18 990 rubles. Also on sale are officially restored the iPhone version SE with 16 GB of memory for 16 990 rubles , and with 128 GB for 19 990 rubles.

This article repeatedly referred to officially restored version of the iPhone, as their purchase at well reduced prices really favorable at the present time in Russia. So just to explain what do you mean “restored” the iPhone.

Under such iPhone means smartphone, which was commissioned by Apple under warranty or exchange program. Apple iPhone repairing this, check his performance, change his body and the battery, and then Packed in a new box and sent to stores at a reduced price. For a rebuilt or “Like new” iPhone a full warranty from Apple, so in fact, buying this smartphone is not connected with any risk.

Read more about refurbished iPhone you can find in this article.

Also if you are on a budget, should look at the iPhone 6s. Last year, the smartphone is quite decent cheaper. Now buy iPhone 6s with 32GB memory for 25 990 rubles. In addition, commercially available restored version of the smartphone: iPhone 6s 64 GB — 24 990 rubles iPhone 6 128 GB — 26 990 rubles.

It is equally important to emphasize the inclusion of 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus with 16 GB of memory at price of 21 990 rubles. Quite affordable compared to other Apple smartphones.

Will SE if the iPhone and iPhone 6s is relevant in 2019? Here to worry about. Both models have a powerful processor, which allows them to remain fast running iOS 12 and 2019. Smartphones do work smartly for a long time without recharging (at least while they are relatively new) and allow you to make great pictures.

And iPhone SE the iPhone 6s will definitely be upgraded to iOS iOS 13 and 14, which will be released in the next two years. It is possible that the smartphone will get up to iOS 15. In other words, official support from Apple both smartphones are provided with for many years. You can not say, for example, about the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, which, however, is not in this article. To buy these models in 2019 we do not recommend.

Summary. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a smartphone, but want a good iPhone, then feel free to buy iPhone SE or the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. Yes, these models are very far from a flagship, but they quickly work on iOS 12, will be supported by Apple for several years and have excellent camera.

If more money

Unfortunately, in 2019 in the Russian market has formed a big gap between the prices of different iPhone generations. In this regard, people who are willing to spend slightly more money on an iPhone is very limited in choice.

In fact, there’s only one choice — the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory. The smartphone is sold at a price 34 490 rubles. All newer models of iPhone are much more expensive. For example, for the base model iPhone 8, you must give 48 990 rubles. And iPhone 7 Plus with the same 32 GB of memory — 44 590 rubles, which is considerably more expensive.

Good if the iPhone 7 to buy in 2019? More than! This chic smartphone, especially for those who are not happy with the fact that almost all modern smartphones are equipped with glass enclosures. The iPhone 7 case of durable aluminum, which is made in a pair of colors unique to the iPhone (it is about matte black and glossy black), powerful processor A10 Fusion, which will only be obsolete in five years, a great single camera, protection from water and many other features.

Summary. If you can get the iPhone from the middle price range, it’s worth taking the iPhone 7 without hesitation. A chic camera for the money, which will delight more than one year.

If you need a large display

In the past few years, manufacturers are producing smartphones with large displays. This is done in order to please consumers who in most of these large displays are interested. Apple, which at first opposed the trend, joined the movement and provides a choice of many models of iPhone with larger displays. What to choose — it depends on the capacity of the wallet. The market situation is the following:

  • 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus — 44 590 rubles.
  • 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus — 55 990 rubles.
  • 5.8-inch iPhone X — 65 990 rubles.
  • 5.8-inch iPhone XS — 83 990 rubles.
  • 6.1-inch iPhone XR — 63 990 rubles.
  • The 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max — 92 990 rubles.

Summary. IPhone models with large screens are already really a lot. You can choose, relying on its own financial capabilities.

If you do not want to charge the iPhone every day

The leaders in battery life are among iPhone models with larger displays. Record-time battery life — recently released iPhone XR, price of which starts from 63 990 rubles. In its autonomy it ahead of even the iPhone XS Max!

If you want to get an iPhone with a long battery life for much less money, you should pay attention to the iPhone 7 Plus — 44 590 rubles.

Why not iPhone 8 Plus? The reason lies in its price, which is 55 990 rubles. You can add less than 10 thousand rubles to buy iPhone XR, which has modern design, and longer battery life. For similar money (65 990 rubles) will be able to purchase and iPhone X!

Summary. Any iPhone with display of 5.5 inch and above has increased battery life, which is greater than a newer model smartphone. Evaluate your financial possibilities and choose the right model.

If you want the flagship

And here the situation is very complicated. It would seem that the flagship is the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max — take it and be happy. However, the price of these models in Russia is more than impressive. And it is significantly higher than the cost of iPhone X — last year’s flagship Apple. The price difference could be called justified, if not one “but” — iPhone X and iPhone XS is too much like!

Therefore, for many buyers it will be advisable to buy the iPhone X, good, its price fell to 65 990 rubles. And more recently in Russia and was sold officially restored iPhone X 58 990 rubles. For the money, you get true flagship, even on paper he released in 2017.

On the other hand, if money isn’t a problem and need the most modern Apple smartphone, then the choice is simple:

  • iPhone XS 64 GB — 83 990 rubles.
  • iPhone XS 256GB — 95 190 rubles.
  • iPhone XS 512 GB — 112 190 rubles.
  • iPhone XS Max 64GB — 92 990 rubles.
  • iPhone XS Max 256 GB — 105 990 rubles.
  • iPhone XS Max 512 GB — 122 190 rubles.

Summary. When choosing a flagship, much depends on the available in iPhone, money. iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max should choose if money is not a problem. If saving money is desirable, you should purchase an iPhone X — he’s only slightly worse than the new models characteristics., and the design is identical.

Which iPhone to buy my mother

It’s simple — iPhone SE. Good fit in hand, will be a nice pink color and will hit the pocket: 18 990 rubles for a new model and 16 990 rubles for officially restored.


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