Monitoring the current situation on the market.

We continue to monitor the change in the price of Apple smartphones in Russia and choose the best model based on the correlation “price-quality” from different price categories. This article talked about what models of the iPhone fell by mid-November and became the most attractive for purchase.

iPhone 7 — the best ratio “price-quality”

Price: 36 990 rubles.

The best Apple smartphone in the ratio “price-quality” in November 2018, is definitely an iPhone 7 with 32 GB of internal memory. The model is well cheaper over the last few months, let it fall and was not serious enough to have a smartphone have moved into the category available. Experts of the Russian market had expected a much larger reduction in the price of the iPhone 7 after the presentation of new models. However, there are many factors that constrain the fall.

As for the iPhone 7, then the smartphone remains a great purchase even two years after release. The model is equipped with powerful A10 processor, Fusion, protection from water, unusual touch Home button and a decent camera. In addition, the iPhone 7 — the latest Apple smartphone with aluminium and not the glass housing, which for many is a big plus.

Statistics of world sales of various models of the iPhone in October and November, shows that “seven” has interested many after the official price reduction. iPhone 7 literally got a second wind and is the most popular smartphone after the flagship.

In Russia is also available officially restored version of the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory, which you can buy even cheaper — for 32 990 rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus, unfortunately, does not go down in price. The cost model with 32 GB of memory, it stands at 45 990 rubles.

iPhone 8 — “almost” the best

Price: from 45 990 rubles.

Last month, the iPhone 8 was a serious competitor of the iPhone 7 for the best Apple smartphone in Russia, the ratio “price-quality”. However, over a month iPhone 7 slipped in price, but “eight” is not.

However, the iPhone 8 looks like a very good buy for those who want to from iPhone new experience, for example, fast and wireless charging. However, to use each of these possibilities will have to buy the accessories, which spending will increase.

A year after the release of the iPhone 8 does not feel old smartphone — the device simply “flies”, works without recharging really long time, and the camera produces wonderful pictures. The only “but” — if you want to be “in trend”, the design of the iPhone 8 with a thick frame around the perimeter of the display is definitely not for you.

iPhone SE — the best (and only) budget option

Price: 18 490 rubles.

iPhone SE have not changed their price — it seems that reduction of prices on model should not expect more. Despite this, iPhone SE continues to be the most popular Apple smartphone in all the leading Russian retailers. The reason, of course, is that iPhone SE is the only relatively inexpensive iPhone.

And iPhone SE very good ratio “price-quality”. For small by the standards of Apple’s smartphone money the buyer gets a well assembled smartphone that works fast, holds a charge throughout the day and allows you to shoot great photos and videos with 4K resolution.

One of the key advantages of iPhone SE is its compactness. Many use a smartphone because the other small and adequately working smartphones on the market do not.

iPhone X for those who want a flagship

Price: 64 990 rubles.

iPhone X in Russia did not plummet in price after the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. Some retailers have discounted the smartphone 5, 000 and calmed down.

However, if you want flagship, the iPhone X is definitely the best choice in terms of “price-quality”. Smartphone to 22 thousand rubles (!) cheaper than the iPhone XS. Yes, the iPhone X is inferior to its advanced version in most respects, but only slightly. iPhone X is not slow, poorly photographed and rapidly discharge the smartphone on the background of the iPhone XS.

X iPhone remains the flagship, and a year after its release. By the way, that’s why Apple has removed the model from sale, and not just reduced the price on it as the company does it usually is. Apple know that if the iPhone X is on sale, but still at a reduced price, most buyers would choose it.


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